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Shopping on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most visited areas in Italy, especially during the summer. In the Campania region, the small towns delight and offer us great options in all sectors, including incredible stores for those who want to shop. Shall we learn more about the subject?

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Shopping on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast brings together iconic cities on the coast of Campania. Charming cities offer us incredible panoramas, splendid locations and great options for those who want to shop for a wide variety of products. Today we’re going to take you on a fantastic itinerary where we’ll tell you all about shopping on the Amalfi Coast. Shall we? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

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Our introduction

When it comes to Italian beauties, the Amalfi Coast is hardly left out of the list. With its cities Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, Atrani, Furore, Vietri Sul Mare, Maiori and Cetara, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most splendid destinations in all of Italy. Located in the Campania region, cities offer us natural, historical and cultural attractions. The blue of the sea contrasts with the colors of the houses and offers us magical panoramas! This little piece of coast is, in fact, a taste of paradise bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Today, however, we’re not going to talk about all the beauties of this incredible place; we’ll tell you where to shop on the Amalfi Coast. Here you can find several handcrafted products, beautiful, elegant and with the impeccable ‘made in italy’ touch that the whole world already knows. Also read: The most beautiful villages in Campania!

The famous ‘botteghe artigianali’

One of the greatest achievements of the Amalfi Coast is having maintained, over time, its famous ‘botteghe artigianali’, in other words, its craft shops. Clothes, ceramics, sweets, liqueurs, and many other amazing products are masterfully produced in all the cities of the Coast, your biggest difficulty, for sure, will be choosing where to buy your ‘dreamy piece’. Know here How to go to the Amalfi Coast from Rome?


  • Don’t buy from the first store you enter. Prices can vary and, normally, the best located stores, that is, in busier (tourist) places, the prices are usually higher; therefore, do a brief search, enter different stores and don’t forget about those ‘hidden’ stores: they are GREAT!

As we said, ALL cities offer excellent options. Shall we get to know some of them?

1) Shopping on the Amalfi Coast: AMATRUDA

Do you like stationery items? Then, don’t miss the magnificent Amatruda. With beautiful, charming products, this stationery offers us several items to go crazy! The paper of Amalfi is super famous and here it is still done in the old-fashioned way. The store is famous and historic and is located in Amalfi, of course!

2) Shopping on the Amalfi Coast: SCUDERIA DEL DUCA

Still in Amalfi, we have another BEAUTIFUL store dedicated to the famous Amalfi paper! It’s the Scuderia del Duca. It’s hard to say which is the most beautiful item here, as they are all VERY charming. A piece of advice: if you are passionate about items of this genre, go to these stores with someone who can calm you down, because the desire to take the ENTIRE store is strong here! Hahahaha…

3) Shopping on the Amalfi Coast: MARIA LAMPO

Let’s talk about fashion? I do not even know where to begin with! The Amalfi Coast is, without a doubt, an ambassador for fashion, especially for summer fashion. With its light clothes, fluid fabrics, prints, smooth, fresh and PERFECT fit, the Amalfi Coast offers us spectacular options when it comes to fashion and, believe me, they are unique pieces and you will hardly find them anywhere else. The same goes for jewelry! Yes! The jewels in this region are magnificent and it is impossible to remain indifferent in front of their incredible showcases!

In Positano, you will find an amazing store called Maria Lampo. The store has been in operation for fifty years and was one of the first stores to open in Positano. Here you will find women’s, men’s, children’s clothes and several very charming accessories, such as BEAUTIFUL bags!  It’s crazy, I advance to you!

4) Shopping on the Amalfi Coast: LA BOTTEGA DI BRUNELLA

Another store worth mentioning is La Bottega di Brunella. The linen dresses here are divine, but the other pieces also leave nothing to be desired!

5) Shopping on the Amalfi Coast: ANTICA SARTORIA

Antica Sartoria is another store worth visiting. Their colorful clothes are the face of summer and the super light fabrics. The pieces are very well finished and the fit is impeccable!

6) Shopping on the Amalfi Coast: SANDALI TIPICI DI AFONSO DATTILO

We continue to Maiori, where we find the Fantastic store Sandali tipici di Alfonso Dattilo. Handmade, this store’s sandals are true works of art! And you choose HOW you want yours! And I don’t even need to say they are BEAUTIFUL, right? For men? There are also, in addition to several magnificent accessories! The store also offers ready-made models, and they are also beautiful!

7) Shopping on the Amalfi Coast: SANDALIA ARTEGIANA

Another option is Sandalia Artegiana, in Sorrento. Same scheme as the store mentioned above: you choose how you want your sandals and the deal is done! They also offer ready-made models.


  • Sandals need some time to be produced, so if you plan to buy a tailor-made sandal, send an email to the store to find out how much time in advance you need to place your order, as everything will go depend on how you want your sandal, what materials you intend to use, etc., ok?!

8) Shopping on the Amalfi Coast: CERAMICHE CASOLA

Where are the ceramic lovers? Think of a BEAUTIFUL store! That’s it! Ceramiche Casola is one of the best-known stores in Positano. It has been in operation since 1925 and is a classic in the region! The pieces are stunningly beautiful!

9) Shopping on the Amalfi Coast: CERAMICA ASSUNTA

In the same city we find another store that is worth checking out: Ceramica Assunta. The store isn’t big if we compare it with so many others, but the pieces offered are real gems, beautiful!

10) Shopping on the Amalfi Coast: SOLIMENE

Another store that deserves to be highlighted in this segment is Solimene. It also offers us beautiful options of handmade ceramics and is located in Vietri Sul Mare.


For those who like tableware, such as tablecloths and the like, here’s a tip from the charming Embroidery Center Di Celentano Alessandro & C. In Sorrento, it’s a discreet store, but it offers excellent options for those who love the set table line. It’s hard to say which is the most beautiful piece here, as they are all classic, timeless and full of elegance.

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12) Shopping on the Amalfi Coast: SAL DI RISO

Let’s talk about food? Aaaah who doesn’t love it, right? In Minori, there is a delightful little shop called Sal di Riso and offers WONDERFUL sweet options! Oh, and it also presents us with perfumes inspired by local flavors. It’s all very amazing, believe me! In Amalfi, we find the historic Pansa, a divine, historic and award-winning pastry shop. The sweets from this place are delicious and made with great care, by the hands of the family. The house specialty? Chocolate!

13) Shopping on the Amalfi Coast: DELFINO

In Cetara, we find another establishment that deserves to be known: Delfino. Specialists in canned fish, the store offers us countless options and one more wonderful than the other! It also features a special line of sauces and liqueurs.

14) Shopping on the Amalfi Coast: BOTTEGA DEL LIMONE

In Amalfi, don’t miss Bottega del Limone. The store is beautiful to live and offers us magnificent options of typical products such as Limoncello, oils, pastas, sweets, spices and many other divine products, including cosmetics.

15) Shopping on the Amalfi Coast: LE TRE SORELLE WINE ROOM

Also in Positano you will find the beautiful Le Tre Sorelle Wine Room. With AWESOME wines, the store is a delight for drinkers and food lovers of the highest quality.

16) Shopping on the Amalfi Coast: PROFUMI DI POSITANO

To end our shopping list, how about buying perfumes? Profumi di Positano, in the city of the same name, offers us typically Mediterranean aromas, with light, delicious scents that will literally leave us with the scent of the Amalfi Coast on our skin! The store has been in operation since the 1920s in the city and the products are of unquestionable quality! In addition to perfumes, you can also find home scents, essential oils, moisturizers and other products that are sure to surprise you.

17) Shopping on the Amalfi Coast: PROFUMI DI POSITANO

One of the most famous hotels on the Amalfi Coast, Le Sirenuse, also offers an exclusive fragrance for those who want to perfume themselves with the aromas of the Coast. We are talking about the splendid Eau d’Italie. The line is very light, pleasant and ideal for the region’s heat. It also offers an incredible line of liquid soap and scents for the home.

Gold Bonus!

  • It’s impossible to talk about the Amalfi Coast and not mention its famous cousin, the unique and majestic Capri! Over there, the city is famous for its UNIQUE aroma! And that’s for a reason: Capri has its own scent! That’s right! It’s very common for you to hear those who have already visited Capri say: “the city has a unique smell” and, what’s the best? That scent can be yours too, as they bottled the UNIQUE perfume that the city exudes along its elegant and charming little streets. The perfumery responsible for this feat is Carthusia, which for years has been offering Capri lovers its special fragrance! You can also find sunscreen, moisturizer, bath products and much more: all with exclusive, fantastic and very special perfumes!

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Shopping on the Amalfi Coast is a real pleasure! The stores are beautiful, charming, offer us a huge range of options and it is difficult to choose the most beautiful. Therefore, I reinforce my advice: do not shop at the first store you enter; take it easy, take a walk around the city and, at the end of the day, when you’re coming back, do your shopping with peace of mind and with the certainty that you won’t regret it!

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