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What to do in Procida?

Between Ischia and Capri lies a piece of paradise: the Island of Procida.

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What to do in Procida?

In southern Italy, ‘hidden’ and little known (since it loses its luster to neighboring Ischia and Capri), there is a small natural gem: Procida! With a characteristic scent, breathtaking landscapes and framed by the sea, the city is one of the most beautiful in southern Italy. Let’s go! Shall we visit the island of Procida in southern Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

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Our Introduction

One of the best definitions of Procida was made by Elsa Morante in her book ‘The Island of Arturo’, who describes it as: “An island with crowded houses and streets that smell like prickly pears”. Along with Ischia and Capri, Procida is an island located at the mouth of the Gulf of Naples and is less known, but those who visit it usually fall in love with it because the island has its own unique and complete identity.

Some of its scenarios entered the tourist imagination thanks to the cinema, where many scenes from Il Postino, by Massimo Troisi, remain unforgettable; is a film that in recent years has contributed to attracting tourists from all over the world to the place. The island is a true color palette and is to be experienced and visited without haste; you can start climbing from the coast going inland and savor the essence understanding the attachment to tradition, in this place time seems never to have passed.


To welcome you, there is the Port of Marina Grande, Procida’s calling card, which presents itself to tourists with a collection of multicolored houses dominated by the frame of Montefusco Palace. Here ferries dock, hydrofoils arrive from the mainland and Ischia, and from here you can reach all other areas of the island, as in the port yard you will find bus stops, taxis, bars, clubs and restaurants, while on the the left there is Via Roma, the commercial and tourist heart of the city. Along this road, there are shops, boutiques and craft shops perfect for shopping, but also historical evidence and religious buildings.


It is worth visiting the Church of Piety, with its unmistakable baroque bell tower, and the wooden crucifix from 1845. From a historical and artistic point of view, the cultural heart of Procida is identified by the village of Terra Murata, where you can walk and admire its narrow streets, the typical Procida houses, the Abbey of St Michael Archangel, the Castle of Avalos and an old prison.

3) What to do in Procida? VISIT MARINA CORRICELLA

This area is the most authentic part of the island. The pastel colored houses, leaning against each other to prevent the passage of enemies, patios and balconies give a charm that recalls the Arab world. Why not visit Marina Corricella, the oldest maritime village in Procida, also famous for hosting the film set for the film ‘Il Postino’ with Massimo Troisi. This place is a small group of anglers’ houses, with a romantic view of the sea.

See Anglers’ Boats

Another thing not to be missed at Marina Corricella are the fishing boats, both those that are on land and those inside the marina, in addition to the nets. This fishing village is ideal for a fresh fish dinner in one of the few restaurants on the island. Not being very tourist compared to the nearby giants, Capri and Ischia, you don’t find many hotels and restaurants, but when it comes to food, the Procidani know better.

Map with attractions in Procida

4) What to do in Procida? ENJOY THE BEACHES

Despite its small size, it is an island full of beaches, bays and coves, most of which can be reached on foot, while some are discovered only by sea. The first beaches you find when you arrive in Procida are located next to Marina Grande, such as Lingua beach, so named for the homonymous promontory, or Sirulenza beach which is further west and bears the name of Cannon Beach, by the presence of a cannon embedded in a rock. Moving to the center of Procida, you can go to Marina Chiaiolella, one of the longest and most famous beaches.

Maps with the location of the beaches of Procida

A few more about the island of Procida

The beauty of Procida has it all: anglers, blue sea, boats, lemons, hills, small villages. Except in July and August, when it’s ‘under attack’, mainly by passengers from Naples. The rest of the year, Procida ‘falls asleep’ jealous of her own identity; so ‘distant’ from Ischia and Capri, the most visited, in this enchanted place, frozen in time.

How to get to Procida Island?

Procida is beautiful, but it is not always easy to reach and, on the one hand, this makes it more special, on the other hand, also occasionally discarded when choosing holiday destinations. Let’s see what we’re missing, do the lazy thing and not get too deep into how to get there. SEE A SAMPLE WEBSITE FOR BUYING FERRY TICKETS.

You can arrive by ferry from Naples or Pozzuoli; if you stay in Naples, you can visit it in one day, as it only takes half an hour by boat or an hour by ferry. Tickets can be purchased directly at the port. If you have stayed in Naples, you can take a One-Day Tour to the Island of Procida; how about taking a One-Day Tour to the Island of Procida with Lunch? Click here for more information!

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What to do in Procida? Procida is a whirlwind of colors, fragrances and flavors from other times. Its villages, its beautiful beaches and the special atmosphere of this place will make your stay unforgettable.

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