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What to see in Bellagio?

Full of glamor, the city is synonymous with good taste and elegance. Today we are going to explore one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Get to know the best attractions of Bellagio here in this Special Post!

Bellagio no lago de Como
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What to see in Bellagio?

Lake Como is romantic and fascinating; there are many characteristic towns overlooking at the lake, which located in the mountains, presents tourists with unique views and full of emotion. However, the city with the most demand is Bellagio itself. Lets go to our post: What to see in Bellagio? ere at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Hello reader, I will be participating on the blog Brasil com Z with a super special post dedicated to unknown Italy, that is, to the Italian villages and towns, so be sure to follow me, because I’m sure you will love it !! In this article, we will explore the beautiful Borgo di Bellagio, considered the “Pearl of Lake Como”.


Bellagio became famous in the world because its beauty was imitated by the Bellagio Hotel, a reconstruction done in Las Vegas. The human being adapted to nature without taking away its essence, presenting the city with a truly rare result, lights and colors that seem to change with time and the reflections presenting the lake. Take a One-Day Trip to Lake Como, Bellagio and Varenna from Milan, click here to find out more!

The old village is really full of fascinations, firstly because the panorama is embraced by the sight of much of Lake Como, and then, by its splendid villages, the profuse exuberance of trees and flowers, the picturesque staircases and the varieties of landscapes that can cross unforgettable panoramas. It is a small village that can be visited in just one day. The Borgo di Bellagio is located on the highest part that divides the lake in the branches of Como and Lecco in the center. It is for this particular position that it comes to be called “The Pearl of the Lake”.

Bellagio Tourism

It is a place renowned for its villages, gardens and exciting panoramas, a destination for several elite tourists. In fact, from now on it has great international visibility, a charming place, one of the Italian symbols abroad. At the end of antiquity, the Roman patrician families always appreciated Bellagio as a vacation spot, due to its very hot climate.

Enriching its prestige over the centuries, its fascination remains unchanged. It was a place of residences and tourist destinations for important personalities linked to European royalty, for its culture, art, politics and recently, for being spectacular. Among these personalities, we remember the Austrian emperor Francesco Giuseppe, Franz Franz Liszt, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Alfred Hitchcock, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Helmut Newton, and to finish George Clooney, just to give a few examples.


What impresses tourists from all over the world are without a doubt the panoramas enjoyed by the lake, whether traveling along the highways or behind the historic center, a paradise for cyclists and motorcyclists who can admire the views at every turn of the lake of dreams.

The Historic Center and Villa Melzi

The historic center has a look made up of small boutiques, craft shops and restaurants; noble villas, like Villa Melzi, are wonderful gardens for couples of all ages, a favorable place to say the most important “yes” in life. You cannot miss Villa Melzi, which is easily accessible, about 10 minutes from the pier. It is not possible to visit the interior of the Villa because it is a private property, but you can visit the gardens at a cost, which is advisable to visit in the spring during the flowering period of camellias, azaleas. In this case, they become a fabulous experience because the gardens take on all the spring colors, beautiful for the eyes.


After visiting the garden, you can walk through the museum and the chapel. This walk among plants, in the bamboo grove, that once served as a shelter for oranges in winter, today has been transformed into a small museum of artifacts from the Napoleonic era that will delight you. An experience that you will want to repeat.

Useful information

  • To visit the gardens of Villa Melzi: The opening hours from March 28th to October 31st are daily, from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. The full ticket costs € 6.50. For groups of at least 20 people € 5.00, and for schools, also for a group of at least 20 people € 4.00. Children up to 6 years old are free of charge and easily accessible for the disabled.

3) What to see in Bellagio? VISIT THE BASILICA AND THE CHURCH

Other interesting places in this magnificent little town are the Basilica of St James, standing since the end of the 11th century, with the successive addition of Baroque elements and restored in the 20th century. The Church of St George, from Roman times, is 30 minutes from the historic center. The Museum of Navigation Instruments holds an interesting collection of 200 nautical objects until the 18th century.

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What to see in Bellagio?  Visiting the villages is always an incredible emotion; no wonder, because this small place is rich in so many ways that it will leave you speechless, in addition to having an incredible panorama. Be sure to visit the blog Brasil com Z! You will love the stories of Brazilians living in other countries!

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