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What to visit in Capri in two days?

If there is a place worth visiting in Italy, this is Capri, but what to do in two days? We have prepared a special two-day itinerary in Capri especially for you reader. Stay until the end of the Post and see our tips for getting to Capri!

Capri (Source Pixabay)
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What to visit in Capri in two days?

Capri is mainly for beach lovers. The small island in southern Italy attracts several tourists every year and it is impossible not to want to return there in the next opportunity. Let’s go to our post of the day: What to visit in Capri in two days? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

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Capri, now elegant and luxurious, a destination for many VIPs, was once a fishing village. In the 19th century, English and Germans fell in love with the island and began to frequent it; the news of the beauty of the place attracted more people and the fishermen saw there the tourist opportunity that the place could offer. Conclusion: they started to rent boats for trips around the island and tourism started to grow with the construction of hotels, restaurants and shops. Oh, the city was also the summer residence of Tiberius, son of Emperor Augustus; the mansion used by him, today is just ruins. Find out how to get to Capri from Rome by clicking here. Now let’s find out: what to visit in Capri in two days? and if you have just one day, read: What to do in one day a Capri?

1) What to visit in Capri in two days? VISIT THE GROTTOES AND ROCKS

As we said, the main attractions are at sea! The grottoes are beautiful and a two-hour tour costs, on average, 20 Euros per person. Attention: To enter certain caves, you have to pay apart! It is normal, O.K.?! Don’t think the sailor is deceiving you! (lol) It is optional !! If you don’t want to, just don’t pay! Taking the Tour with the boat he will pass by the following tourist spots:

Blue Grotto

It is, in fact, a set of caves. The natural caves are 60 meters long and 25 meters wide and, by boat, you walk between them. At the entrance, everything is a bit dark, but as the boat advances and you see the sunlight entering through the cracks, the sea gains charming reflections. To enter the cave the value is 14 euros. As all good things come to an end: the tour there only takes five minutes!

The Faraglioni Di Capri

They are three rocks in the sea that are very close to the coast. The curious thing is that each one has a name: closer to the island is called Stella; the middle one is Faraglione di Mezzo and the furthest is Faraglione di Fuori. They are about 100 meters high and the Fariglione di Mezzo has a kind of arch in the middle. TIP: to take a SENSATIONAL photo, enjoy the boat, which approaches them, or go to the Gardens of Augustus (then show the picture to us, ok ?!).

Marina Grande

Excellent beaches. If you want to go to the beach, your place is here! The sea is calm, transparent and refreshing!

I advise the following Tours:

2) What to visit in Capri in two days? VISIT LA PIAZZETA DI CAPRI

La Piazzeta di Capri – Piazza Umberto I (Umberto I Square): This is the end of the cable car (you can go on foot too!). It is at the top of the city and it is charming. Ideal place for lunch! The restaurants are beautiful and the tables outside invite us to stop, at least, for coffee! It is also where some stores are located (beautiful!).

3) What to visit in Capri in two days? VISIT VIA CARAMELLE

Via Caramelle: If you want to see luxury: your place is here! Full of glamor, it is a favorite place for VIPs. At the beginning of the street are the stores full of splendor; as you progress, you will find exclusive restaurants and, further on, at the end of the street, there are the monumental mansions.

4) What to visit in Capri in two days? VISIT THE GARDENS OF AUGUSTUS

Gardens of Augustus: It is, in my humble opinion, the most beautiful place on the island! It costs two euros to enter and, in addition to the gardens, it has a UNIQUE view! From there it is possible to see the Faraglioni and Via Krupp, which is at Marina Piccola.

5) What to visit in Capri in two days? SEE VIA KRUPP

Via Krupp: A simple ‘tribute’ to Friedrich Alfred Krupp, who was in love with the island and spent his holidays there. The street was an ‘order’ to engineer Emilio Mayer. He wanted the street to take him to the Gardens of Augustus, but he found the unpaved path complicated. Thus, the engineer ‘cut’ the rocks that were in the middle of the road and managed to remove a difference of 100 meters that was there, making the magnificent street in zig zag to be considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Unfortunately, today, access to that street is not allowed, but it is visible to visitors.

6) What to visit in Capri in two days? VISIT THE ARCO NATURALE

Arco Naturale: It is a natural arch that is 18 meters above sea level. The structure is only part of an underground cavity that submerged thousands of years ago. Today it is a type of natural bridge that offers a magical view of Capri’s sparkling sea.

Map with attractions in Capri – day 1

What To Visit In Capri In Two Days?
Source Google Maps

Are you going to stay in Capri for more than two days? GREAT! Also visit ANACAPRI!

Go to the other side of the island, Anacapri! It is as beautiful as Capri and, if possible, worth a visit! To get to Anacapri, take the bus in Capri and, when in Anacapri, get off at Piazza della Vittoria; on the return, take the same bus at Piazza della Pace. As it is final, the bus leaves empty! The main points in Anacapri are:


One of the most BEAUTIFUL places in Capri. The Belvedere is on the road, a 5-minute walk downhill. It’s free and the view is astonishing!

Mount Solaro

The highest point on the island, at 589 meters above sea level, offers a panoramic view of ALL of Capri, as well as Vesuvius, the Gulf of Naples, the entire Sorrento peninsula, the Calabrian mountains, part of the Apennines and the Amalfi Coast. To get there, take the cable car at Piazza della Vittoria. It costs 10 euros per person, (round trip) or 8 euros one way; to return it is possible to go down on foot. The climb takes approximately 10 minutes.

Villa San Michele

All designed by Axel Munthe, who was a Swedish doctor and writer, and arrived in Capri in 1885. He built his house on the remains of the old chapel of San Michele (St Michael) and, therefore, the place was named after him.

Casa Rossa

All red on the outside, it mixes several architectural styles and has a permanent exhibition on Capri in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Church of San Michele (St Michael)

An 18th century baroque church. The main attraction of the church are the Greek cross and a beautiful mosaic on the floor of Adam and Eve in Paradise, from 1761.

Church of St Sophia

Built in 1510, it is at the end of Via G. Orlandi. The street also begins at Piazza della Vittoria (Vittoria Square) and, unintentionally, ends up passing through all the main attractions of Anacapri.

Map with attractions in Anacapri – day 2

What To Visit In Capri In Two Days?
Source Google Maps

How to go to Capri?

The main points of the city are the grottoes that surround the island. To get there, only by boat (if you have a few “leftover” euros, you can also go by helicopter!).

How much?

You can get there from the Ports of: Naples, Sorrento, Positano or Ischia. Departing from Naples, the cost of a round trip is approximately 40 Euros per person.

Boarding from Naples

There are two ports in Naples for your boarding:

  • Calata Porta di Massa: the trip takes about 01h20min.
  • Molo Beverello: approximate travel time, 50 minutes.

On the way back, buy a ticket at Marina Grande, in the port of Capri. There is no need to buy tickets in advance; in this link it is possible to check the schedules and other departure ports. The departure frequency is approximately 20 minutes.

Transport options when reaching Capri Marina

Arriving at Marina Grande, you can “go up” the city in several ways:

  • Cable car (the view is MAGNIFICENT!);
  • Walking (go with comfortable shoes!);
  • Taxi (only if you have bags!);
  • Bus (It passes the entire island, including Anacapri. The frequency is every 20 minutes! The view is also impressive!).

To explore the city, do everything on foot. Distances are short and the walk is well worth it! To get around the island to see grottoes, paradisiacal beaches and enjoy the beach, go by boat! It’s the best option and the tour is really worth it!

Important Tips

  • Go with your camera and cell phone charged! Every corner of that place deserves a photo and it is impossible not to be drooling over the DIVINE views that the city offers us!
  • Book your hotel as soon as possible, as Capri is very popular. Read: Where to sleep in Capri

Curiosities about Capri

If you like to know everything about the place you are going to visit then don’t miss some curiosities about the charming Island of Capri.

The Legend of Capri

The smell of Capri is VERY characteristic of the island! It is a unique smell that, according to the legend, was ’caused’ by a priest. In 1308, he picked flowers in the garden, but forgot them in the water; when he threw it away, the scent of flowers exhaled and dominated the island. The perfume house Carthusia reproduces the aroma until today and the bottles cost between 40 and 90 euros; if you want to know more about perfumes, visit the store’s official website. The smell mixes flowers, carnations, lemon and orange and all shops on the island use the same aroma in their stores. However, the predominant smell is: lemon!

Ancient name of Capri

The name Capri is derived from ‘capre’ – goats. It was known as the island of goats and the name comes from the Latin “Capreae“; that was how the ancient populations called the island for the simple fact that there were countless goats in the region. Here, the story merges with the legend: the goats in question would be the aegagrus goats, the same ones that Jupiter used to cover his shield. At Mount Solaro, you can still see animals circulating in the Cetrella Valley.

The Island of the Mermaids

In addition to the Blue Island or the island of Amore, legend has it that Capri is also known as the Island of the Mermaids. One step away from the Land of the Mermaids in Sorrento, legend has it that the mermaids from there turned into rocks after being ignored by Ulysses while on the island. To further fuel the legend of the mermaids in Capri, in addition to Sirens’ Rock, in the bay of Marina Piccola, there is a story about a song by Eneide di Virgilio that mentions creatures half woman and half fish that, with her song, fascinated sailors , guiding their ships against the rocks and causing many shipwrecks.

The Grottoes of Capri: Grotta Oscura (“Dark Grotto”)

The grottoes of Capri are also fascinating. They attract, every year, thousands of tourists who, on board private boats, visit these places full of beauty! However, there is a secret cave that seems to exceed the beauty expectations of the Blue Grotto: we are talking about the Grotta Oscura, which they say was a thousand times more beautiful than its ‘cousin’. It was named like that because of the events that accompany its history. One of them: they say that on May 15th, 1808, a landslide also destroyed the Certosa Tower and invaded the entrance with stones and debris, killing three children. From that day on, the cave was no longer accessible, but those who were lucky enough to admire it before the tragedy continued to convey the extraordinary beauty of this place.

The most accurate description of the Cave of Darkness is that of the British traveler Joseph Addison who, in the early 18th century, described it: “I was able to distinguish all the details! The entrance is low and narrow, but the grotto opens to the sides in an oval shape and, from side to side, measures at least one hundred meters. The roof is rounded and distills fresh water, which fell on me, thick as the first drops of a storm ”. The Municipality of Capri has been studying a ‘reopening’ of the grotto for some time, but many say it is better not to tamper with the grotto which, despite its beauty, can be cursed. For now, we can only wait!

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What to visit in Capri in two days? The ideal is to get to know Capri (and Anacapri) with a certain amount of time, but if time is short, it is worth the visit anyway: a magical place, with unique aromas and paradisiacal landscapes! And if you feel insecure, have no time, and need help to organize your trip, don’t hesitate to contact me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy come true. And how can I do that? Keep reading this post until the end and you will understand how we make your life and your trip much easier.

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