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What to visit in Verona?

When we talk about Verona, we immediately think of its incredible Arena, but Verona offers us more than you think! Today we will discover the attractions of Verona!

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What to visit in Verona?

Verona is located in the immediate vicinity of the Adige River, a short distance from Lake Garda. Furthermore, the surrounding territory of Verona is an important wine production area, among them the famous Valpolicella DOC, DOC Amarone, Recioto DOC and DOC Soave. Let’s visit Verona? What to visit in Verona? Discover the attractions of this beautiful city here! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”  Read also: Examples of Itineraries in Italy!


The walls that surround it preserve a real treasure inside; the historic center of Verona, where you can see many Roman ruins very well preserved. Worthy of mention are the Arena Amphitheater, characterized by the brilliance of the marbles, the Roman Theater, the Pietra Bridge, the Gavi “Arc de Triomphe” and much more. Among the museums also stand out the Miniscalchi-Erizzo Foundation, the African Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the Archaeological Museum of the Roman Theater, Canonical Museum, the Castelvecchio Museum, the Civic Museum of Natural Sciences, the Museum of Frescoes, the Palazzo Forti Museum, the Porta Vescovo Railway Museum and many others. Find out here how to get to Verona from Venice.

The Historic Center of Verona

Due to its urban structure, its architecture and its high quality artistic works, its historic center has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and this is just one more reason why you should not leave Verona out of your itinerary, OK? Many of us know Verona as the city of lovers (tradition says, if you love someone, bring him / her to Verona, because it is the city of lovers), but Verona is also a city that offers visitors many other interesting facets. It is a lively city, full of enthusiasm, a crossroads of people and travelers. You will find medieval legends preserved in the maze of narrow streets and 17th century buildings, along with the city’s most important monuments: the Roman Amphitheater and Juliet’s balcony.

1) What to visit in Verona? VISIT VERONA ARENA

Among Verona’s main monuments, we highlight Verona Arena. You can easily reach the Roman arena from Bra Square, a lively meeting point in the center of the city. Verona Arena is the best-preserved Roman amphitheater in the world and the most famous, next to the Colosseum, in Rome. One of those places that a tourist cannot fail to visit if going to Italy; one of these places that every Italian and every citizen of the world wants to see at least once in their life. Despite its two thousand years, the barbarian invasions, the 12th century earthquake and the most recent wars and battles, a place that still attests to the greatness of the Romans and the well-being of Verona and its residents. You will also be able to admire the 17th century architecture of the Gran Guardia Palace (keep an eye on the art exhibitions inside).


The Gardello Tower was the first clock tower in Italy; it is a must-see. Then we have the monumental Tombs of the Scala family. Located in the square in front of the Church of Santa Maria Antica, the tombs are a rare work that mark the transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, with architecture and sculpture art unique in Italy. The most elaborate tomb is that of Cangrande I: a sarcophagus supported by dogs (in a continuous “canine” theme), accompanied by a Pietà and angelic motifs, richly decorated with bas-reliefs. All kept under an arched canopy, just below the statue of the brave leader on horseback in battle. The tombs total five and are one of the best examples of Gothic art in Europe.

3) What to visit in Verona? VISIT JULIET’S HOUSE

On Via Capello: Tourism to Verona still welcomes the Montague family with the so-called Shakespearean pilgrims, who arrive in the city to visit the streets that led the struggle between the Capulet and Montague families – respectively, the families of Romeo and Juliet, which, although contains a plausible story, are fictional characters from Shakespeare’s tragedy. What about the romantic balcony on which the beautiful Juliet spent her hours watching and waiting?

The balcony of Juliet’s House

The balcony was added later to the original building (in 1935), but the charm of the story continues, and it is difficult to go to Verona without empathizing with the tragedy of the two most famous lovers of world literature in the struggle for their love. They even say that there is a background of truth in Shakespeare’s tragedy, which would have been based on the story of two powerful noble families in the city, rivals in his day. Verona is a city of lovers and romantic dreamers, who meet annually to be photographed under the legendary balcony.

Via Cappello courtyard

The simple but refined courtyard of Via Cappello is filled with young people and adults, to celebrate the strength of loving feeling, or simply to remember some lost love. It is also customary to touch the right breast of the bronze statue of Juliet in the courtyard. With a pleasant walk, getting close to the riverbank, it is possible to visit Juliet’s tomb, where you can admire the charming Saint Francis Capuchins Convent, where the two lovers ended their tragic fate.


Herbs’ Square or Piazza delle Erbe; you can admire the splendid palaces that surround it. This is the right place to let your imagination go by the lively and exciting atmosphere of the market. Herbs, spices, coffee beans and light silks that used to reach the city through Venice and date back to Marco Polo’s times, still seem to be present with their aromas and flavors in this beautiful square. In the square, you can also admire the Civic Tower of the Lamberti (Torre dei Lamberti). At Mazzanti Houses we have memories of all the historical periods the city has lived through time.

Other Attractions In Verona

Now we are going to some more unmissable attractions in Verona.

Loggia del Consiglio

Built during the Venetian rule over Verona. From here, you can easily reach the Church of Santa Maria Antica and its Arche Scaligere.

Church of Sant’Anastasia di Verona (St Anastasia of Verona)

Appreciated for the Gothic architecture of Dominican mold (the fresco of San Giorgio del Pisanello is especially noteworthy).

Verona Cathedral

Cathedral of Santa Maria Matricolare: the first of all churches in Verona, with the main door adorned with bas-reliefs in a romantic Lombard style and with the white and pink marbles attributed to master Nicholas (12th century).

Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore

Considered by art critics to be a masterpiece of romantic architecture in Italy, it is an important and sumptuous building originally built in the 8th century on the foundations of the tomb of St Zeno, patron of Verona. The church, despite being a little off the beaten track, is still one of the most visited in the city, for its beauty and harmony. In its sober exterior facade, there is an example of the so-called “Fortune Wheel” of the 12th century. Inside the religious building, there is a large painting by Andrea Mantegna.

Castelvecchio and the Castle of San Martino

In Aquaro, a fairytale castle, adorned with brick towers. It was commissioned in 1354, by Cangrande II, to serve as a residential palace and military fortress. It survived centuries of occupation by the Visconti family, the Republic of Venice and Napoleon, until it was destroyed during World War II. After a long restoration in the 1950s, it was reopened to the public in 1964. Inside the building, today, there is the Castelvecchio Museum, one of the most important in Verona. As you noticed, the city has many important monuments, so in one day you will be able to visit the main ones and in two days you will be able to get to know the city very well!

Discover Veronese Gastronomy

Veronese gastronomy is glorious and worth remembering! Typical dishes of local gastronomy are cooked with pearà, meat accompanied by a sauce of bread crumbs, cheese, pumpkin, broth and black pepper. The gnocchi, a delicious paste made from potatoes, flour and eggs, served with tomato sauce or with sugar and cinnamon, pasta and beans. You can’t absolutely miss the polenta. You should also not forget about the fish in the vicinity of Lake Garda.

For the most hungry, Veronense cuisine offers a wide range of delicate and delicious specialties. First, the “Pandoro”; last but not least, the wines, several and all of excellent quality. Verona is the main province in Italy for the production of Doc wines. Discover our section Food in Italy!

Cultural Events

Verona is a pleasant, original and harmonious city and offers countless opportunities for entertainment and cultural events. Visits that should not be missed and, therefore, are absolutely recommended are: the Lyrical Arenian Festival, which since 1913 has animated the nights of opera lovers, the Verona Summer Theater and the various representations of the Shakespearean Festival.

Get to know a little more about Arena Verona

There is nothing more magical than, on a summer night, closing your eyes and letting yourself be enveloped by the notes that resonate in the air, in one of the many summer concerts of the Arena of Verona. One of the places that makes most important shows of Italy as well as being one of the most famous monuments in the world!

Cultural Events at Arena Verona

Numerous cultural events are held annually in Verona each season, from the Areniana Station to the Verona Summer Theater, to the Veronese carnival, where the city representative, defined as papá del gnoco, is elected. There is the Schermi d’amore International Film Festival, Verona Jazz and the San Giò Rassegna Internazionale Produzioni Video Festival. Also, read our post on Calendar of Events in Italy!

Verona Exhibition Center

There are also many events organized at the Verona Exhibition Center, from the Interior Design Fair to the one dedicated to modern and contemporary art; from the radio amateurs electronics exhibition to exhibitions dedicated to horses and agriculture, as well as the static and dynamic model fair and the Wine Hall.

Great personalities in the history of Verona

There are many personalities born in Verona who contributed to the development of the city, without forgetting to mention visitors or important internationally known people such as Dante Alighieri and William Shakespeare; it is thanks to the famous poet and writer that Verona today is considered one of the most well-known Italian cities in the world.

Although Shakespeare did not personally visit Verona, he was able to get in touch with the writings of well-known authors, from which he drew inspiration for one of his most famous works: Romeo and Juliet. In honor of Shakespeare, Verona’s Summer Theater program offers, every year, a program divided in half between the works of the English writer and those of Carlo Goldoni. It is also thanks to Shakespeare that today Verona is known as the city of love, with its symbol on the famous balcony of Juliet’s house.

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What to visit in Verona? Verona is worth a visit. Its bridges, its long and wide streets and the ancient walls that surround it express an air of grandeur, a feeling of respect that is worth visiting at least once in your life. Also, admire the beautiful landscape in the background. Verona is a welcoming and charming city, and its residents really like to share it. We conclude now, extolling Verona as the city of art and versatility, which offers splendor to visitors, offering emotions and arousing passionate sensations. An opportunity that cannot be missed!

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