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Where to do tastings in Sicily?

Sicilian enogastronomy is one of the most appreciated in Italy. Today we have prepared a special list of where to do some tastings in this fantastic region!

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Where to do tastings in Sicily?

Sicily’s enogastronomy is very varied and offers options for all tastes. The harmonization of wines and typical dishes is something they do with mastery and, thus, offers tourists unforgettable experiences! Stay with us and check out our list with incredible directions for making spectacular tastings in Sicily! Ready? Let’s get to our post of the day! Where to do tastings in Sicily? Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Sicily has legacies from different peoples that have passed through there over the centuries and shows them proudly in the most diverse ways: monuments, churches, beaches, buildings and, of course, gastronomy. The Island presents its visitors with incredible options when it comes to food and drink: sweets, snacks, wines and much, much more! To taste the authentic Sicilian flavor, the best option is to take a guided tour of wineries, have lunch or dinner in some typical restaurant and, of course, try the traditional cannole, one of the most famous sweets in the world! The tastings usually take place in groups (but there are options for at least two people), and are very fun and enjoyable. Also check out our section on Food in Italy by clicking right here!

Before tasting, there is a brief explanation about the place, the traditions and how the product is made; a true lesson! It’s worth the investment. In Sicily, both small and large companies offer tasting, not all, but it is not difficult to know where to go. Some visits are very quick, last a maximum of one hour; others, however, can last up to six hours: it is a true immersion in Sicilian culture. Everything is very organized and, in some places, there are multilingual guides. You will find all kinds of people in these places: curious, tourists and specialists. It’s very cool! Learn more about Sicilian enogastronomy by clicking here!

Important to Know

  • The term “Enogastronomic” (you can also find it written as “enogastronomy”) means “gastronomy and wine tourism”. Essentially, it is an Italian word and, also, it is a “new” word and not very common “YET”! Get to know our section on food in Italy, clicking here!

Discover the Typical Sicilian Dishes

Before presenting our list of places of tasting, understand a little about the typical dishes of this region.

Sicilian Cassata

Some of the typical dishes you NEED to try are: Cassata Siciliana, which is a typical Easter cake from Palermo, but you can find it easily in several places, prepared with ricotta, chocolate, candied fruit, marzipan and many other ingredients placed in a delicious, very fluffy spongecake. It is a ‘baroque’ cake with detailed decorations and able to surprise anyone with its very particular flavor.


Arancino is Sicily’s must! Arancino is a must-try, a breaded and fried rice dumpling, seasoned with peas, tomatoes or the typical ragout. It is an ancient “finger food” of Arab origin, loved throughout Italy and envied by the rest of the world! It’s delicious, indeed!

Granita with Brioche

Granita with Brioche is another typical Sicilian delicacy, consumed mainly for breakfast. The granita with cream is accompanied by the “brioscia col tuppo”, the brioche. If you are in Catania, cool off with a granita with the classic lemon or almond flavor, or try one of the many delicious variations: fantastic!

Caponata and the Almond Dough

The already famous Caponata is offered throughout Italy, but its origins are precisely Sicilian. Caponata is a canned eggplant seasoned with garlic, olives, onions, olive oil and other aromatic spices. The almond paste is also a must! Typical Sicilian almonds are used in sweet and savory recipes, in Sicily they are used to make sensational pasta and sauces! It is worth the experience! In addition, who can’t be missing?

Cannolo with Ricotta

The king of Sicily, the island’s flagship, the majestic Cannolo with Ricotta. Cannoli are crunchy and delicious desserts, fried and filled with sheep’s ricotta, chocolate chips and candied fruit rind. There is, of course, a huge variation, but the classic ricotta filling will delight you! They have very old origins and attempts at reproduction all over the world, but none, none at all, has been able to match the typical Sicilian cannolo. Obviously, we made a brief summary of the main dishes to be tasted, but there are so many others that it would be impossible to put them all together in a single post! 🙂 Shall we know where to do tastings in Sicily?

1) Where to do tastings in Sicily? IN MARSALA

One of the most famous places is Donna Fugata in Marsala! It is very traditional and is a company that offers wine tasting and brunch with typical Sicilian products. It offers great hour options and a very reasonable price. Reservation is required.

2) Where to do tastings in Sicily? IN RAGUSA

In Ragusa, there is a great option: a sensory route. Shaking our senses, a trip that will present you unique smells! Click here to find out more and make a reservation. The tour is done on a farm with a specialized guide and you will be able to see various medicinal and aromatic plants in an unforgettable way. After the tour itself, there is a tasting of dishes made with herbs grown there. The meal is made in a spectacular garden overlooking the sea and includes pasta with sage, focaccia with rosemary, cucciddati, pate with herbs, roasted ricotta with jam, Ragusa salad, black olives and dessert. To end with a flourish: all this accompanied by Sicilian red and white wines, of course!

3) Where to do tastings in Sicily? IN PALERMO

In Palermo you will also find other gastronomic wonders.

Sierra Wines

Hills wine tour. If you want to get to know the true Sicilian flavors, the most typical and authentic, the Alessandro di Camporeale winery offers a magical experience! In the heart of the Sicilian countryside, 500 meters above sea level, you will live unforgettable moments! Here you will visit vineyards and wineries, take family history classes, learn cultivation and production techniques and, of course, taste five wines of your choice; to harmonize with the wines, breads and oils produced there are offered. Click here to find out more and book!

The cheeses of palermo

For cheese lovers, in Palermo one of the best options is the combination of cheese and wine! Here you will taste six incredible cheeses produced on the island (click here to find out more and book!) including Canestrato, Persian Tuma, fresh Caciovacallo, Primo Sale, Ricotta infornato and Vastedda del Belice. To harmonize, six evident wines: Grillo, Nero d’Avola, Inzolia, Frappato, Nerello Mascalese and Grecanico. A tasting dedicated to those who want the best of both worlds: cheese and wine! The reception takes place in a 16th century house, which is just a few steps from the famous Vucciria market. The cheeses will be accompanied by black Castelvetrano bread and a varied salad; after the cheeses, the famous cassatelle San Vito Lo Capo will be served, filled with a delicious ricotta cheese and accompanied by a glass of sweet Zibbibo wine. In Palermo, I also suggest a Tour called Street Food and Palermo History: Walking Tour! Click here to learn more!

4) Where to do tastings in Sicily? ETNA

If you want to combine business with pleasure, how about a walk through Etna and then a wine tasting? Click here to find out more and make a reservation! This is what this tour offers: an experience that stimulates vision, smell and taste. After an incredible tour of Etna, you will go to a winery that will welcome you for a tasting of local wines accompanied by a light lunch with typical Sicilian products.

5) Where to do tastings in Sicily? IN CATANIA

In Catania, of course, Sicilian citruses could not be missing! The ecotourism tour aims to introduce you to the old Sicilian agricultural tradition, with a focus on the most representative culture: the orange. Click here to find out more and book! The team is a specialist in various citrus fruits and will explain in an illustrated way the seasonality, the treatments used in the fruits to obtain excellent fruits, the different species, the treatments that are prepared during the year for the care of the plant, the irrigation system and the harvest

From December to April, you can also harvest the fruits of the orchard and enjoy them among the orange and lemon trees! Subsequently, the tasting of wine and other delicacies will take place in a 19th century millstone, one of the oldest in the region, but which is perfectly intact and takes us back to the remote days of Sicily!

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Where to do tastings in Sicily? Sicily is an extremely rich region in terms of food and wine. With an impressive variety of flavors, aromas and more, it is difficult to leave not wanting to go back! You will live in a unique way, even for a few hours, the best Sicilian experiences of your life!

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