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Where to park in Rome?

Do you plan to use the car in Rome? If so, you need to know that you must keep your distance from the ZTL - to avoid unwanted fines - and, of course, where to park. Today we will learn where to park in Rome.

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Where to park in Rome?

Rome is a huge city and its traffic, especially at peak times, as in any large city, is chaotic! Full of history, our capital is home to true artistic, cultural and architectural gems. You can easily cover it on foot, but if you rent a car at the airport and want to explore the region, as well as other places nearby, it is good to know where to park. Today we will tell you where to park in Rome.

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Our Introduction

Rome, being a metropolis, offers excellent public transport options, which is GREAT for those who are in no hurry and have flexible schedules, as many Romans use this transport to get to and from work. Therefore, it is good to avoid peak hours. To find out more details about public transport in Rome, you can read this post!

You can also discover Rome on foot, especially if you travel during a season that offers pleasant temperatures. However, if you plan to rent a car in Rome, it is important to study the city a little better. Like many Italian cities, Rome has some ZTLs, but knowing how to avoid them, you will hardly be fined. Below you find the map of the ZTLs in Rome. As you can see, it is a very wide area, so: be smart, because if you get a fine, it may take a while, but it arrives! Also read: What to visit near Rome?

Follow our tips…

  • You find some apps that warn you if you are entering ZTLs or if you are approaching any of them. Is it worth it? YES! Remember that the GPS DOES NOT GIVE YOU that information, as residents and authorized cars can travel there.
  • Another important point that you need to know: where to park. Rome offers numerous parking options throughout the city. A tip for you: park your car and explore the city by subway! It is worth it, it is economical and you do not have to worry about unwanted fines. Find out how to use the metro in Rome by reading this post!

However, let us get to the point: where to park in Rome. In Rome, you will find paid parking, private garages, some parking spaces on some streets and parking outside the city itself. Shall we learn more?

Shall we learn a little about the lines?

BLUE LINES are paid (after parking you will have to look for a machine to pay for parking that is close to a blue sign with a huge white P, it is not difficult to find it or use it!). Parking on the WHITE LINES is free, however, they indicate reserved spaces for residents; the YELLOW LINES limit the places reserved for free parking for the disabled or invalids – if you find PINK LINES, they are spaces for pregnant and puerperal women, and they can park for free, ONLY if they are close to ambulatories and hospitals. Where do you find these tracks? Close to the main Roman hospitals such as Bambino Gesù, Santo Spirito, San Giovanni-Addolorata, Ophthalmological, Nuovo Regina Margherita and Policlinico, and in the tariff areas scattered throughout the city.

Summing up…

You can only park in BLUE LINES! Remember to leave the voucher on the dashboard! Else, you will get a fine! Let us talk about the costs: parking at these places costs between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, from Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays and it costs 2 euros in the first hour. After that period, you pay 3 euros per hour thereafter. Remember to pay according to the estimated parking time. If you park in these places at night, check the day of the week when there is CLEANING OF THE ROAD – there are indications with times and days – the risk of disrespecting this rule is having the car towed! So, do not be silly! If you find a spot very easily at night, be wary and remember what we just said!


  • If you leave your car on the street, do NOT leave ANY OBJECT AT SIGHT! Despite the low crime rate, Rome also has bad people and sometimes they break the car window to steal something inside the vehicle.

Below, a map of where you find the blue lines to park:

1) Where to park in Rome? NEAR ROME TERMINI

Roma Termini is a point of reference for the whole of Italy. It is one of the main train and subway stations and offers travel across Italy. It is, in fact, the largest station in terms of the number of passengers from which regional and high-speed trains depart and arrive. If you arrive in Roma Termini by car, be aware that, depending on the time of day, it will be very difficult to find a parking space. Most of the spaces nearby are blue, but there is a place that can be an option for you to park: Garbatella, where you will find free parking on the roads; from there, just take the subway, line B, and get off five stops later to reach the center of Rome.

Good to know…

  • Parking in the Termini area is payable from Monday to Saturday; on Sundays, they are completely free – making it even more difficult to find available parking spaces.
  • If you are taking the train at Termini Station, do not miss Rome’s Incredible Central Market.

Golden Tip…

  • On the left side of the station, next to Via Giolitti, the chances of finding a spot are greater! In Piazza Vittorio, you have a better chance of finding parking spaces, as it is a less ‘visited’ area in Rome. Ah, choose this only if you are touring Rome by car, as traveling with luggage can be complicated.


For those who arrive in Rome by car and want to park for free in the Prati area or near the Vatican, we advise one thing: patience! Especially if you prefer to park on the street. Wanting to park in an area like this, bustling with tourists, demands boldness and a little luck!

Some Street Alternatives

If you want to park there, look for the streets parallel to Via Cola di Rienzo, which is one of the main commercial areas of the Eternal City; good options are Via Virgilio, Via Ovidio and Via Tibullo. Alternatively, you can try to find a spot in and around Piazza dei Quiriti; Via Pompeo Magno, Via Attilio Regolo or Via Marco Colonna; you can find another great place on the parallel streets of Via Pomponio Leto. Heading towards the Sant’Angelo Castle, you can find a good concentration of free places on Via Cassiodoro or Pietro della Valle. Remember that we are talking about well-disputed spaces. Therefore, depending on the time you arrive in Rome, you may not find any vacancies and need to opt for paid parking.

Private parking near the Vatican

If you want to be close to the Vatican and its museums, the best solution is to use paid parking. A good option over there is the Parking Prati (we recommend booking in advance – it is included in the list of Parking Roma, which we will see below) near Piazza dell’Unità. It costs about 20 euros a day and offers insurance.

3) Where to park in Rome? NEAR DOWNTOWN

For those who want to stay close to the center, but outside the ZTL, Parking Rome is a great option. Parking Roma is also an excellent option and they have several units in strategic points of the city. In the center, another excellent option is Park Via, which is close to the Colosseum, in addition to also offering other options for those who need to park in different parts of the city.

Useful Tips and Information

What is the difference between private garages and paid parking lots? Price, space and security. While parking lots cost a little less, you do not always have insurance if something happens to your car. In private garages (which are usually companies), you pay a little more, but you receive a much better service. It costs, on average, 20 to 30 euros (12-hour period). In this link you can enter where you will be in Rome and do a general search to find the best option for you to park your car in parking lots throughout the city.


If you choose to park in ZTL or if your hotel offers valet parking, but it is located in a ZTL, ask them to inform the police in advance. They will give an authorization for the license plate to be recognized by the radar and, when you arrive, this authorization must already be in force. MAKE SURE IT HAPPENED! Confirm as soon as you get the car and before entering ZTL.


Where to park in Rome? If you are going to Rome by car and want to park comfortably: there will be plenty of options!

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