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Wineries to Stay in Sicily

Today we head to the splendid Sicily that, between the sea, vineyards and volcanoes, enchants with its incredible wine resorts!

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Wineries to Stay in Sicily

Have you ever heard of wine resorts? Although the term is not very widespread among the large tourist mass, wine resorts offer a complete structure for wine lovers, including – evidently – the main attraction of the place: the winery. And today we head to southern Italy, more precisely to the beautiful Sicily. That’s where we find amazing wine resorts! So: let’s check wineries to stay in Sicily. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

All Italian regions produce wine and, of course, Sicily is one of the most beloved in the south of our peninsula. With a visionary vision, some wineries took the lead and presented a fantastic concept full of attractions: the wine resorts! Learn everything you need to know about Sicily clicking here! 

But, after all: what is the definition of Wine Resort?

Wine resorts are usually old wineries that have been transformed into luxury hotels. It is not difficult for them to still have a working winery, and they often offer us different services in addition to accommodation. Services such as special restaurant, tastings, vineyard tours and other very interesting attractions make up some of the packages offered by several wine resorts. Also read: How To Bring Wines From Italy In Your Luggage?

Good to know…

Some hotels include a complimentary tasting, some don’t, so even if you don’t intend to stay at a wine resort but would like to visit, remember to ask for information about a tasting there, as they are usually open for the general public.

The same goes for the restaurants in these resorts: several of them open their doors to the public, however, some require reservations, so if you want to have dinner at a wine resort, check availability BEFORE your trip, ok?!

What are the main Sicilian wines?

Several! Among the most important and well-known around the world, we can mention some great names like Marsala, Nero D’Avola, and Moscato di Noto.

Sicily has a huge wine-growing area of about 103,000 ha, of which 5% is in the mountains, 65% in the hills and 30% in the plains. Sicilian wine production comprises 16% PDO wines and 44% IGP wines, of which 47% are reds and roses and 53% are white wines.

Are you planning a trip to Sicily and still haven’t chosen your hotel? How about staying at a winery?

1) Wineries to stay in Sicily: Cavanera Etnea – Castiglione di Sicilia, Catania.

Under the famous Firriato brand, the Cavanera Wine Resort is a magnificent structure located on the slopes of Etna. The site is 600 meters above sea level, and is impressive with centuries-old vineyards; among the oldest there is one that is 140 years old and is a veritable botanical monument, as well as a palm grove from the 17th century.

With 84 hectares, the hotel is located on the slopes of the northern quadrant of the volcano and the view, of course, impresses even the most demanding eyes!

To learn more about the hotel and book your stay click here!

2) Wineries to stay in Sicily: Principi di Butera, Butera, Caltanissetta

This place tells an ancient and very special story: that of the mythical king of the Sicilians, Bute, to the Zonin family, who in 1997 took over this centuries-old property in the deepest part of Sicily, between the Valley of the Temples and Piazza Armerina.

Here are more than 160 hectares of vineyards that offer us an oasis of beauty. The site is the former farm of the Principi di Butera and has been completely restored to present a magnificent landscape, full of charm, elegance and beauty!

To learn more about the hotel and book your stay click here!

3) Wineries to stay in Sicily: Barone di Villagrande – Millo, Catania

With a centenary history, the winery has transformed the area’s neglected volcanic soil into a beautiful garden! In 1727, Emperor Charles VI of Habsburg, King of Naples, granted Don Carmelo Nicolosi the title of Baron of Villagrande and thus, for ten generations, the local vineyards have been passed down from generation to generation, which has always been cared for with care and affection. of fertile lands, with a privileged position and full of attractions.

With the air of an ancient and noble country residence, the hotel offers a splendid swimming pool on a terrace overlooking the vineyards and only four rooms! Exclusivity? Here you can find!

To learn more about the hotel and book your stay click here!

4) Wineries to stay in Sicily: Tenuta Palmeri – Syracuse

It is also – today – owned by the Lutri family, who acquired the site in 2002. With its administrators, Ueli and Erika Breitschmid-Heiniger, the site continues the adventure of organic winemaking in Avola.

The main house and the premises were completely renovated, and today it offers beautiful, comfortable and functional apartments, as well as a swimming pool, impeccable service and various services offered by Tenuta Palmeri.

To learn more about the hotel and book your stay click here!

5) Wineries to stay in Sicily: Riofavera – Ragusa

This is a very special company! It is family run and dates back to 1920, occupying an area of 16 hectares that produce wines with grapes that also receive the sea breeze!

With a very privileged location, the winery offers guests excellent wines full of personality, as well as the rooms of the place, and the service that makes you feel at home!

To learn more about the hotel and book your stay click here!

Golden Tips

  • When choosing your accommodation, confirm which services are included in the rate; this is because some hotels already include a tasting in the price of the room, for example, others do not, therefore: confirm all the services included BEFORE to go.
  • Remember that this type of accommodation does not have seasonality, so even if you travel during the low season: make your reservation in advance!
  • Check with the hotel if they offer a transfer service; if you want to go straight from the airport to the hotel, it’s good to know that some of them offer the service: some paid, others free. If you are interested in hiring a Private Transfer, click here and request a free quote!
  • For hotels that offer a restaurant in their structure, check if there is a need for a reservation, as some restaurants are also open to the public, that is, to non-guests. Ask at reception if reservations are needed for both lunch and dinner.

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Wineries to Stay in Sicily – Staying in a winery is a unique experience! Staying at a winery in Sicily is even more special! If you are looking for aromas, colors, wines, and passionate landscapes: choose your winery from the list above and have a good trip!

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