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Your trip becomes a post: Aristides’ journey

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Your trip becomes a post: Aristides’ journey

Our post today comes from a series called “Your trip becomes a post”, and was prepared by our Dear reader, Aristides Placido, who brought through his travel experience the best of Italy. I believe that each traveler has their own very particular point of view when it comes to travel, especially when we talk about international travel, where the culture is extremely different for us Brazilians. Let’s go now to our Series: Your trip becomes a post: the journey of Aristides? Let’s check out your trip to Italy now! Stay with us and make the best of boot country! Here at the Travelling to Italy we make the trip of your dreams come true!! Also get to know our Section Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your Vacation!

Our Introduction

Let’s learn more about Italy from him? Ecco!! Now, our special guest will report on his wonderful experience through our beautiful Italy! NOW STAY WITH THE TEXT OF ARISTIDES! (loved everything!!). Aristides answered all our questions, and I’m sure his experience will help you a lot!  Happy reading!!

1) Aristides, how long have you been planning your trip to Italy?

St. Peter’s Square, Vatican

Our first contact with Italy was on a school bench, as a boy, when we were studying the Roman Empire. It was love at first sight. From then on, the desire to set foot in the land has always been a life companion. As a young man, I did not imagine that I would be able to afford to cross the ocean. It was a project that was not within my means.

The world wasn’t globalized yet, lol, and everything seemed impossible. When the wish became a project, taking into account the schedule, vacations, budget, priorities, and everything else, I still had to wait for an opportune date for several years.

2) Aristides, when was your trip?

Rialto Bridge in Venice

His first trip to Italy was in March 2012, together with his wife. Then we went back two more times, in  July 2016 and October 2017, with friends and couples. In this way, we pass through there in three seasons: late winter, summer, and autumn. Each one with its particular beauty. What I like is movement, people, and hustle and bustle. For this, the best time was summer, coinciding with the high season in Europe.

3) Aristides, which cities did you go to and which one did you like the most?

St. Peter’s Square, Vatican

We visited a few cities on these different trips. Venice, Florence, Verona, Assisi, and Rome. Undeniably, the highlight of the travels was the eternal city of Rome. Breathing history is intoxicating. You shouldn’t go anywhere in Italy without studying a little first. Understand its history and representativeness. So the whole adventure takes on a different form. Every corner of Italy causes us different emotions. Venice, romanticism. Florence, culture. Verona and Assisi, curiosity and Rome, all together.

Ponte Vecchio in Florence


4) Aristides, which hotel did you stay in?

InVeniceWe stayed in a hotel close to Santa Lucia Train Station. Perfect logistics for arrivals and departures, whether by car, train, or plane. The Hotel was the Nord Universe. Simple and very cozy. Satisfactory facilities, very good service from the staff. In Rome, we stayed at the Hotel Residence Luci, very close to Termini Station. This hotel, also very simple, meets the needs of a tourist who only shows up to sleep. Good facilities. Good level of service.

Tell us a little bit about the hotel you stayed at…

Talk a little bit about the location of the hotel, the structure, if it was comfortable, the service and if it was worth the cost-benefit.

Where is the hotel?

The option to choose a hotel has always contemplated logistics in the first place, of course not dispensing with comfort. Proximity to the subway and strategic points. In Rome, the Central Station is Termini. Not counting the subway, we have all the train exits to Europe. So the best location option, looking at cost and benefit, was in this neighborhood. Those who opt for more central areas next to tourist attractions can expect to pay double the price, even for a lower-return hotel.

Is the Hotel well located with the main sights?


Rome – Termini Station: by metro, we are five minutes from several tourist attractions.

Venice – Santa Lucia Station: for the main points of Venice, it is worth memorable walks.

Was breakfast included in the rate? What was it like? Was the price included in the rate?

Coffee is included in the daily rate of all the hotels we stayed in.

How was the service?

Friendly service. Impersonal and satisfying.

What is the cost-benefit ratio?

Logistically well installed, it saves on transportation and locomotion. The cost/benefit ratio was enhanced.

What was the room like? (e.g. large, small, functional, well-lit…)

Small rooms for couples. Well-lit and with bath/toilet facilities in good condition.

Would you stay there again?

I would definitely stay again.

Would you recommend it to our readers?

Would recommend. The value for money is good. There is no such thing as luxury, quite the opposite, quite simple.



5) Aristides, where did you eat?

I always avoided going to restaurants near tourist spots. The prices were quite steep. We found several restaurants and snack bars, lost in the alleys of Rome, Venice and Florence, with quality and interesting prices. Our goal was essentially to walk and kick our legs everywhere possible within these cities.

Aristides, tell us a little bit about the places you ate (somewhere you really think is worth recommending):

In Venice, a romantic dinner cannot be missed in a restaurant on the banks of the Grand Canal. In Rome it is worth sitting in a small bar/restaurant facing the Pantheon. It is very expensive, but the view of the environment is worth it.

How was the service?

Italian, unlike French, has always been very cordial. When the attendance and turnover are lower, you become friends with the waiters and managers.

What was the restaurant like? (e.g. large, small, few or many tables, waiting time, have you made a reservation?)

I have a fixation on tables on the outside. Under umbrellas has always been our preference. I can’t stay closed without having the vision of the rush or the braid of the tourists. Pure energy.

Did you eat any typical dishes? What do you think?

In Italy as a whole, only one thing disappointed me greatly. The Pizza. Ours, the Brazilian one, is much better. I’m sorry to the owners of the article, but they needed to be more scrupulous.



6) Aristides, what did you visit?

All the top 20 from each city. Programming is still good business. Scripting the trip is still productive, even against some who insist on letting it happen. To go to these cities and miss out on visiting something in the top 10 is to lose with the cards in hand.

What was your favorite ride?

Our favorite activity, flanking. Walking calmly, savoring every space of the place is the ideal tour. A good pair of sneakers and comfortable, laid-back clothing are key features for the tour.

Which tour did you like the least?

Absolutely nothing displeased us. Everything in Italy is interesting and has its value. What I don’t recommend are some subway stations during rush hour. It’s no different from São Paulo and Rio.

Have you queued up at the tourist attractions?

In high season we avoided entering places where visitation required queues and tickets. We bought on the spot and on the spot during the low season.

What did you find very different?

Having studied a lot and traveled a lot on the internet before the trip, nothing surprised us.

How did you get around the city?

Subway and wearing out the soles of sneakers.

What do you think of the transport used?*

Very quiet taxi but expensive. Metro, miserable but cheap.

Were you able to buy tickets for public transport easily?*

Very easy all the time.

What did you think was a must-see?

In Rome, Trevi Fountain,  Navona and Spain Squares, Pantheon, Altar of the Fatherland, Churches and Museums.



What is your overview of your experience?

Every human being should have the right to travel at all times. To Italy, then, the first of them all.

I loved reading Aristides’ story! What about you? Super spontaneous, right?

What about you? Will you be the next participant in our “Your trip becomes a post” section?

I’ll be waiting for you:)

A hug from Ana Patricia, straight from Cosenza.

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