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Cooking Courses in Milan

How about learning to cook in Milan? Come with me to go to do a different program in the capital of Lombardy! Let's go!

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Cooking Courses in Milan

Italian cuisine is one of the most famous on the planet and is one of the most reproduced. The cuisine of our peninsula is – essentially – simple, tasty and very special, as the Italians value, very much, the use of ingredients that are easy to find and, normally, very affordable. Today we are going to discover the best cooking courses in Milan. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

We can define Italian cuisine as magical, poetic, unique, passionate! There are several words that could accurately define Italian cuisine! Although Italian cuisine is a conglomeration of traditions from different peoples, that is, a fusion cuisine, Italy offers us a huge range of flavors, colors and aromas.

Italian dishes are very special, and their quality is unquestionable! Despite the influence of people who passed through Italy over the centuries, the Italians gave their special touches and this spread throughout the world as it is today, with Italian cuisine being one of the most reproduced in the entire planet. Find out here: Where to take a Cooking Course in Rome, Florence, Venice and Naples.

Why take a cooking course in Milan?

One of the easiest questions to answer: because it’s a unique experience! But there’s more: taking a cooking course in the capital of Lombardy will offer you more than just an unforgettable experience: it will allow you to go beyond the ready-made dish, beyond the fame of Italian cuisine. It will mark you forever, it will make you understand the whole love affair that Italians have with food, good food!

Taking a cooking course in Milan will show you that Italy doesn’t play around when it comes to food; will make you understand all the fame of dishes made with love, passion, care – in every detail, bringing to light the true magic of food! The Italians are proud of their gastronomy and will offer you a real lesson on gastronomy, of course, but also on love, authenticity, and passion, all with a lot of flavor! Also read: What are the best cooking schools in Italy?

What courses can I take?

Well, there are options for all tastes (and budgets!). The list is wide and your great difficulty will be choosing which course you want to take, because the options will go crazy! The most popular courses are pasta courses, both fresh pasta and pizza dough, and prices vary according to the course chosen, as well as their duration.

Usually the courses only last a few hours and, after the class, there is a kind of fraternization, where everyone tastes their supreme creations – I confess that it is one of the best parts! One of the advantages of taking courses is that everything is already included in the price: ingredients, utensils and, of course, technical guidance.

It is worth it?

If you want to experience Milan and do something very different, focusing on your gastronomic gift: it’s ok! It’s so worth it! Besides being a lot of fun, knowledge is never too much, isn’t it?! Below I list some (excellent!) cooking course options in Milan! Ready? All aprons ready? So: let’s go!

Good to know…
If you don’t speak italian, don’t worry!
Most of the courses are offered in English,all of them are very intuitive, almost entirely hands-on!

1) Cooking Courses in Milan: Pasta and Tiramisu Course

Lasting approximately three hours, it is one of the most popular courses for lovers of fresh pasta and, of course, our beloved Tiramisù. The class is for small groups, but you can also opt for private lessons. They teach you everything from the first step and that’s when your “problems” begin: you’ll never buy ready-made pasta again, you’ll always want to make your own!

The bonus is that dessert is already included:

The magnificent, and traditional, Tiramisù, which is one of the most famous Italian desserts in the world! Detail: everything was made at the home of a Milanese family: do you have a better experience than that? A true immersion in the gastronomic world of our beautiful Italy!

To learn more about it and book your class, click here!

2) Cooking Courses in Milan: Italian Cocktail Class

Where are the “I love a good drink” people? Well, this course is for you! How about learning how to make the most traditional Italian drinks? For those who love the world of drinks, in this course you will learn how to make some of the most delicious drinks in Italy, with stories, recipes and, of course, tasting! The class is delicious (in every way!), and lasts about two hours.

To learn more about it and book your class, click here!

3) Cooking Courses in Milan: Private pasta preparation class at a local’s home

Another popular course: private class in a typical Milanese house! This is one of the courses that will immerse you in Italian cuisine! It’s worth remembering that vacancies sell out super fast for obvious reasons! So, if you want to take this course: make your reservation now! This course has very limited places!

To learn more about it and book your class, click here!

4) Cooking Courses in Milan: Pasta and risotto cooking class + food tour around the market

This course is a masterpiece! With classes on one of the traditional Milanese dishes, in addition to learning how to make your perfect risotto, you’ll learn how to choose the best ingredients to make an impeccable recipe! As? Going shopping for your class, with guidance on how to choose ingredients, and how to ensure the success of your recipe! What’s more, you’ll also learn how to make fresh pasta, and of course, after all the work, you’ll be able to taste your creations!

To learn more about it and book your class, click here!

5) Cooking Courses in Milan: Pizza and Gelato Class

Main course and dessert? We have! Let’s go pizza and gelato? One of the most classic “combos” in Italy: the seductive, unique, and delicious pizza; and the refreshing, flavorful, and creamy gelato! Impossible not to fall in love, isn’t it?! Well then: if the idea seems PERFECT to you, just make your reservation at the link below!

To learn more about it and book your class, click here!

And for the children?

Children can participate in any of the courses mentioned above, evidently those under 18 years old will not be able to consume alcoholic beverages, but they will literally be able to put their hands in the dough! Want to see the full list of cooking courses and workshops in Milan? Then click here!


  • Make your reservation in advance, especially if you are traveling during the high season (July/August).
  • Check days and times, and arrive at least half an hour in advance.
  • Remember that some courses are offered for groups, others are not, so if you are with a larger group and want to take the course together, check availability in advance.

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Cooking Courses in Milan. Taking a cooking course in Milan will surprise you! The mixture of different colors, aromas, and flavors will make you experience the maximum of Italian cuisine in a delicious, interesting and very different way! It will be unforgettable, be sure!

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