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Five mistakes NOT to commit when organizing a travel to Italy

To err is human, but some of them can be disastrous. We will teach you how to avoid them here in this post. Follow our tips for a perfect organization for your trip!

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Five mistakes NOT to commit when organizing a travel to Italy

Traveling is one of the experiences that most enrich the human mind; it allows us to discover new and unique ways of living, places and natural landscapes. In the course of each person’s life, traveling was necessary sometime. There are those who travel for work, those who travel for pleasure and those who travel during vacation periods. However, what are the five mistakes NOT to commit when organizing the trip to Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


However, traveling can turn into a stressful experience, if you do not pay attention to some practical details, ranging from packing your bags to the end of your travel itinerary. To take a trip, you need to have a certain sense of organization and avoid making mistakes, some that are “silly” mistakes. We have discovered at least five mistakes to avoid when traveling and, with these little tips, you will better organize your trip and have a fascinating and comfortable stay. SMALL ADVICE FOR THOSE WHO GO TO ITALY FOR THE FIRST TIME?

What are the things we cannot overlook when organizing a trip? These are small details, but it is always advisable to keep in mind before leaving. Come on?

1) Five mistakes NOT to commit when organizing a travel to Italy – VERY HEAVY BAGS

Often, driven by the fear of not having everything necessary with us, we prepare suitcases full of things that will not be used. A very heavy suitcase can cause many problems and create inconvenience along the journey. If you are traveling by plane, you should pay even more attention to the weight and dimensions of your luggage, especially when flying with a low cost airline. Pay attention, because if you move from one hotel to another during the trip, a heavy suitcase will delay everything and can become a nuisance. Also leave a little space for the souvenirs, that is, the advice is to take what is necessary without exaggerating with useless things. What to pack for your trip in Italy?

2) Five mistakes NOT to commit when organizing a travel to Italy – TO VISIT EVERYTHING IN ITALY

To want to visit everything from that place at any price! This rule applies, especially when making short trips. Many people strive to put all tourist attractions on the itinerary, turning the day into a marathon and, for sure, there is no possibility to enjoy what you are visiting. The rush and the urge not to miss anything from that place, makes for stressful and disappointing vacation. It is fair to want to make the most of it, but it is also fair to watch over time; haste is always a bad advisor. Be sure to read the section dedicated to Examples of Itineraries in Italy!

3) Five mistakes NOT to commit when organizing a travel to Italy – PICTURES WITHOUT PERMISSION

To take pictures without permission. Many times, trapped by the enthusiasm to immortalize all things, we tend to photograph any object, painting, monument, but when we are traveling we need to pay attention, as many museums, for example, do not allow them to take pictures. In general, there are notices that state the ban on pictures, but if you not sure about it, ask local staff. How to behave in Italy?

4) Five mistakes NOT to commit when organizing a travel to Italy – MONEY

If you do not manage your money well, especially on long trips, it may happen that in the first few days you spend money on objects and some things that, only afterwards, you realize they are useless. It is good to set a daily value and use it only when necessary. This will allow you not to regret the money spent and enjoy the trip with peace of mind; even when we are traveling, we need to save money. How much would I spend on a trip in Italy?

5) Five mistakes NOT to commit when organizing a travel to Italy – CHARGERS AND ADAPTERS

Forgetting the battery charger for cell phones, portable devices (laptop, netbook computer, tablet, etc.) and adapters at home can cause a loss of time and money, as you will have to buy an emergency one. Checking whether it was packed can save the trip. A good idea is also to take a portable battery charger. If the trip is abroad, check if you need an adapter to use your electronic devices in that specific country and arrange it before you leave. Also read What to do in Italy in 10 days?

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Five mistakes NOT to commit when organizing a travel to Italy? These are details you must observe when organizing a trip or vacation. When traveling, we also need to think about our health. We often leave our health aside, but it is very important and fundamental to make the most of the trip, so it is always interesting to understand how health services work in the place where you are going to visit and, preferably, take out medical insurance. Another thing to do is always remember to take your documents and possibly your vaccination card, especially in case of trips abroad.

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