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How much will I spend on a trip to Italy?

One of the questions I get most from my readers: how much will I spend to travel to Italy? Well, today we are going to tell you everything you need to know about it!

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How much will I spend on a trip to Italy?

Calculating how much we will spend on a trip is not so simple because each traveler has a profile and each Italian city has different expenses. For example, if we compare Rome with Sorrento, the difference in spending can reach up to USD 80  and, amazingly, you will spend much more in Sorrento than in Rome. The offer of tourist structures such as restaurants and hotels, in the largest and most tourist cities is much wider, which opens up even more the range for you to make the choice according to your budget. By the way the time of the year also greatly influences the rates you’ll pay. Let’s understand better: How much will I spend on a trip to Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Remember to consider what you will want to visit, if you will move around between one city and another, if you intend to go for shopping, in short, there are a lot of factors that can directly influence the expanses you will have – also remember the Euro exchange rate of the day!

1) How much will I spend on a trip to Italy? AIRFARE

Let’s start with the essentials: airfare! It may be the second biggest expense, after hosting. The airports that receive direct international flights from Brazil are the main airport in Rome (Fiumicino) and the main one in Milan (Malpensa) Even flights with transfers in European cities end up landing either in one city or another. Connection flights cost much less and if you travel out of the peak season and during the week, you pay even less.

The average cost of a round flight with a transfer flight and destination to Rome and / or Milan, can vary between $ 200 and $ 2,000 – depending on your departure country and city.  I know that direct flight is much more convenient, even because you wouldn’t have to worry about whether the suitcase will continue ‘traveling’ at the same plane with you or not (it may happen), but consider this: the more you save on the flight choice, the more you will save for other expenses, and as a result you will have a better budget to “invest” in your dream trip in loco! In other words: it is a tiredness that is worth it!

Important Tips

  • Buying the ticket well in advance ensures cheaper flights;
  • Pay attention to the Airline Miles Program offered by your credit card, for example; this might guarantees discounts on your tickets;
  • Also, always check for airline tickets with discounts online. It might sound crazy, but sometimes the airlines have AMAZING prices! Sign their newsletter to get

2) How much will I spend on a trip to Italy ACCOMMODATION

I know that a central located hotel would be the ideal, because in addition you save on public transport, but it is much more expensive than a hotel with a little more “remote” access. When I say ‘remote access’, don’t be fooled into thinking you’re going to be isolated. Many hotels that are on the streets parallel to the main ones, have much more AMAZING daily rates than the one that is, for example, in front of the Coliseum. Unless you want and can afford a luxury hotel, then just enjoy the moment!

If you want to save money, a hotel with a daily rate up to 110.00 Euros for two people is the ideal one! And if you want to pay even less, search for a hotel in a neighborhood outside the tourist center, but include in your budget the amount of what you will spend with public transport to go to downtown. You can find daily rates around 70.00 Euros.

Important to Know

  • Rates vary from city to city, a tip I always give to my clients: DO A LOT OF RESEARCH! And I mean it! It can be a game changing when you come to your final decision!
  • In cities such as Venice, Milan, Positano and Taormina the ideal would be spend a little more to guarantee a good quality of accommodation, but there are other cities where, with 90.00 or 100.00 Euros, you can find central hotels with 3 stars (depending on the season: let’s remember that in high season the search is higher and the prices increases).


  •  If you are going to be outside of the tourist center, choose a hotel close to a subway station or close to a bus stop. It is also worth remembering that you will not spend the day at the hotel, you will practically just go back to sleep and take a shower, so there is not so much need to be the best hotel in the city (if you need/want to save money).

3) How much will I spend on a trip to Italy? Moving around the city 

An excellent way to get around in Italy’s cities is using the public transport. Of course, at peak times, you will take the subway quite crowded, for example, but nothing impossible to handle with! Remember that you are visiting the city and many Italians use public transport to go to work, I mean: if it is ‘bad’ for you – that do not have a schedule to follow – imagine for those who has! So, be patient!

The ticket to use the train, bus and subway costs 1.50 Euro and you can use it for up to one hour and a half, which means that you can take a bus and the subway as well, since the distances between the stations are not long. On average those tickets that can be used for transportation all day cost 6.00 Euros.

Very important

  • NEVER forget to validate your ticket! NEVER EVER! Remember that there are no collectors on the buses, but you can find some inspector, and if this person asks for checking your ticket and it is not validated, you will pay a very high fine! SO, take a mental note: always remember to validate your ticket at stations or bus stops!

4) How much will I spend on a trip to Italy?  INTERNAL MOVEMENT

Which transport to use in Italy: Car or Train? One of the biggest advantages of renting a car is the freedom of itineraries and schedules. But be aware that, apart being expensive renting a car, there will be also parking rates that can cost up to 5.00 Euros per HOUR! So, before traveling, study very carefully your itinerary and see if it is worthwhile or not to rent a car! Do all the math and consider the option of traveling by train.

Car Rental Option

Renting a popular car for 7 days you will pay approximately USD 210.00 – note that you’ll pay also the GPS: 10.00 Euros per day – USD 70 for a week, for a total of almost USD 300.00! We cannot forget the expenses with tolls and fuel and put at least an average of around USD 350.00 with those! To better understand this math and learn more details, read our special post about Using the Car in Italy: click here and read the complete post! And if you’re looking ideas for your car itinerary, click here!

Option Using the Train

To go to other cities the best option is use the train! Great cost-benefit! The prices vary according to the city of origin and the city of destination and the tickets cost between 10.00 and 50.00 Euros.

Check the table below to get an idea of the average price of some high speed train tickets. Remember that buying the ticket in advance can help you save between 70 and 50%! So: buy your ticket in advance!

See the table below to get an idea of the average price of some high speed train tickets. By buying the ticket in advance you can save between 70 and 50%! Buy in advance !!! Tip: The sites I recommend are the official Italian railways: Trenitalia and Italo.

Roma – Firenzeeuro 34
Roma – Veneziaeuro 84
Venezia – Milanoeuro 45
Roma – Napoleseuro 46
Firenze – Veneziaeuro 50

5) How much will I spend on a trip to Italy? TRAVEL INSURANCE

Remember to include Travel Insurance in your budget! It is OBLIGATORY to travel in Italy! Travel Insurance is not absurdly expensive, but it is necessary to put it in the budget to avoid unpleasant surprises. Do not contract it at the last minute, it is very important to choose a good insurance, ok?! To learn more about rates, how it works and some other information, access our post dedicated to this subject by clicking here!

6) How much will I spend on a trip to Italy? CELL PHONE SIM CARD

Another item that is good to include in the budget is an Italian SIM card! Why is it important? Because operators charge a small fortune if you use the cell phone with international sim card in Italy  Roaming can be expensive (depending on your origin country) and the service is not always good. Also, you can take the risk of being left without internet if the operator disconnects the service because you exceeded the limit – even with Wi-Fi, if you need, for example, services like Waze, the internet will not work, because you NEED a mobile internet to access the service. Just so you know: You will spend on average 20 to 30 euros for an Italian SIM card. To learn more and how to buy your SIM card in Italy, read our special post how to buy your SIM card in Italy, read our special post by clicking here.

7) How much will I spend on a trip to Italy? FOOD

An EXCELLENT thing in Italy is the food! It is possible to eat very well spending relatively little! An average expense for a full lunch / dinner (antipasto, main course, dessert and ¼ of wine) is between 15 and 25 Euros, depending on the city and the chosen restaurant. What about opting for having a snack instead a full meal? Then you would pay approximately between 7 and 10 Euros per person.


  • Avoid tourist restaurants and / or centralized restaurants, as well as expensive, they do not offer a quality service. (There are cases and cases, of course!). Choose to take a short walk and enter the alleys nearby, there you will have pleasant surprises, trust me!
  • An espresso in Italy it costs no more than 1.50 Euros and a gelato (Italian ice cream) costs no more than 2.00 Euros a scoop, so if you find prices higher than that, be wary and change restaurant, ok!?

8) How much will I spend on a trip to Italy? MAIN MONUMENTS

The prices for visiting the monuments vary between 10.00 and 28.00 Euros. It depends on the city and the chosen monument! Here’s how much you’ll spend to visit the main attractions in the main cities:

Rome and the Vatican

  1. Vatican Museum: € 17.00 per person. Booking online: € 20.00
  2. Colosseum / Roman and Paladin Forum: € 12.00 per person. Booking online: € 14.00
  3. Campidóglio: Booking online: € 12.50
  4. Borghese Village and Gallery: Booking online: € 15.00
  5. Sant´Angelo Castle: € 7.00 per person. Booking online: € 11.50


  1. Uffizi Gallery: € 8.00 per person. Booking online: € 12.00 (note: when there are private exhibitions, tickets generally increase the value a lot);
  2. Academy Gallery: € 8.00 per person. Booking online: € 12.00;
  3. Palazzo Vecchio (Old Palace): € 10.00 per person. Booking online: € 12.00;
  4. Saint Mary of Flower’s Cathedral, Brunelleschi Dome, Giotto Campanile, The Baptistery: with a single ticket that costs € 18.00.


  1. Doge’s Palace, Correr Museum, National Archeologic Museum, Monumental Rooms of the Marciana National Library: a single ticket that costs € 17.00;
  2. St Mark’s Basilica: the cost of booking to skip the line is € 2.00;
  3. Campanile: € 8.00.


  • Buy tickets in advance, especially if you are traveling in the high season! The lines to buy the ticket “in loco” are huge, long and, after buying the ticket, you will still have to face the other line to enter the attraction. Imagine you are tired of walking around after visiting other places and still have to face several lines, so be ahead of yourself. For more details on how to buy tickets to the main monuments in Italy Click here!

9) How much will I spend on a trip to Italy?  EXTRA AMOUNT

Very important: before traveling, organize your budget and include some extra money for some unpredictable emergencies, plus: add some money for shopping, for example. Do you want to learn more about traveling low cost? Do you want to learn more about traveling low cost?


  • Make a list of what you plan to buy;
  • Buy Euros little by little and put them in the “piggy bank” (lol);
  • Never buy on impulse, do your research calmly and think well before buying anything: do I really need this item?


How much will I spend on a trip to Italy? When it comes to traveling to Italy, many are frightened by the high expense they might have, but I always say that it is the best investment that anyone can make: TRAVELLING! We’re talking about culture, new places, perspectives, incredible cuisine and unforgettable experiences.

And if you feel insecure, have no time, and need help to organize your trip, don’t hesitate to contact me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy come true. And how can I do that? Keep reading this post until the end and you will understand how we make your life and your trip much easier ????

Did my post help you? If so, be sure to post your comment below, but if you still have questions just send me a message I will answer you as soon as possible!

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