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How to book train tickets with Italo?

Buying tickets in advance is always important for you to organize, save time and money. Today we will teach you step-by-step how to book tickets with the Italo railway company.

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How to book train tickets with Italo?

The Italian railway network is excellent and covers almost the entire peninsula. The train is also one of the best means of transport for anyone thinking of visiting various places in a short time and saving money. It is also great to cover the greatest distances, between north and south, for example, as it is fast and safe. Going on a train ride through Italy? So, read our Post today: How to book train tickets with Italo? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

About Ítalo

Ítalo is a brand belonging to the private company Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori. It is a competitor of Trenitalia and promotes high-speed rail services. It has a fleet of 25 high-speed trains of the AGV 575 model, by Alstom and, on December 7th, 2017, placed 13 more high-speed trains of the model ETR.675 (Italo EVO). In short: they are fast, safe and efficient.

Understand about Special Classes

Ítalo trains have special classes, which are:

  • Club Executive Salottino – which offer the same services as Club Executive, but have rooms with 4 seats.
  • Club Executive – with lounges configured with 2 + 1 seats; the service provides access to the Ítalo Lounge waiting room, in addition to ensuring priority boarding, personal screen entertainment and catering;
  • First (Prima) – an environment with ample space (2 + 1 configuration) and a priority welcome and boarding service. The waiting room, however, is paid.
  • Comfort (AGV 575) – environment identical to Prima, but without the services available for payment inside the train.
  • Smart – transport with 2 + 2 seat configuration and without services offered by the upper classes.
  • Smart Cinema (AGV 575) – the same environment as the Smart, but with 20 ″ screens on the ceiling of the corridor.

On all trains there are automatic vending machines that sell food and drinks, and Wi-Fi. Prices, of course, vary according to the distance of the trip and the chosen class.

Now let’s simulate a trip between Rome and Venice.

1) How to book train tickets with Italo? FIRST STEP

Let’s start? Access Ítalo’s website by CLICKING HERE! The following screen will appear. To select the desired language, note on the right side, above (next to the Log In) that there are two small letters, in this case EN, from English. If you prefer in Italian, just change it by clicking on the letters and selecting the desired language.

How to book train tickets with Italo?

2) How to book train tickets with Italo? SECOND STEP

That done, click on ‘Where are you going?’ – written in white with a red background. Clicking there, remembering that we are simulating a trip between Rome and Venice, we will choose From Rome To Venice. Just start the destination and the field is automatically filled (if they operate the route). You will see that some station options will appear. I suggest clicking ‘all’ because it’s easier to find a promotion. Then just select the chosen city, you will have a screen like this:

How to book train tickets with Italo?

3) How to book train tickets with Italo? THIRD STEP

Let’s ‘decipher’ the screen: Below the starting point (From) and the destination (To), we can see the options Round Trip  and One Way; below you can see two fields with dates: Depart Date (departure date) and Return Date (return date). In our simulation we will take a round trip:

How to book train tickets with Italo?

4) How to book train tickets with Italo? FOURTH STEP

By clicking on the date to choose the travel date, a small screen opens with a calendar and timetables. Choose the day of travel and the period you want to travel.

See the weekdays abbreviation:

  • Su is Sunday;
  • Mo is Monday;
  • Tu is Tuesday;
  • We are Wednesday;
  • Th is Thursday;
  • Fr is Friday;
  • Sa is Saturday,

In Italian we get:

  • Lu is Monday, Lunedi;
  • Ma is Tuesday, Martedi;
  • Me is Wednesday, Mercoledi;
  • Gi is Thursday, Giovedi;
  • Ve is Friday, Venerdi;
  • Sa is Saturday, Sabato;
  • Do is Sunday, Domenica.

5) How to book train tickets with Italo? STEP FIFTH

To change the month on the calendar, click on the white arrow next to the month of January (Gennaio).

How to book train tickets with Italo?

6) How to book train tickets with Italo? SIXTH STEP

After selecting the day, preferred time and number and type of passengers, we move on. In our simulation we are in two people and we are going to Venice on February 18th and we will be there one day, returning to Rome on February 19th in the afternoon. So, for this simulation, the screen will look like this:

How to book train tickets with Italo?

7) How to book train tickets with Italo? SEVENTH STEP

Click SEARCH. The screen with the various train options and fares will appear, as well as a suggestion for other days on which you can travel. The departure and arrival times also appear.

How to book train tickets with Italo?

8) How to book train tickets with Italo? EIGHTH STEP

Let’s explore this screen: At the top, in white with a red background, there is the ‘summary’ of what we asked for: departure from any station in Rome to any station in Venice, for two passengers. Below is a type of calendar with different values. On the left side it is possible to check the departure and arrival times, in the middle (Length of Journey) it is possible to check the travel time. If you move your mouse closer to the gray circle, with a small i, you can see all the stops the train will make. By clicking on the down arrow next to the value, you can check the available classes and values.


So, in our simulation, choose to travel on February 18th, leaving Rome’s main station, Termini, at 6:45 am, and arriving in Venice also at the main station, Santa Lucia, at 10:00 am. We will use the Smart fare in economy class. (Notice that the value is PER PERSON!).

How to book train tickets with Italo?

9) How to book train tickets with Italo? NINTH STEP

After that, we will choose our return trip to Rome. Just click on SELECT RETURN (select return); the same screen appears and the process is the same as the choice for going. After selecting the return, click CONTINUE. Here, this screen will appear:

How to book train tickets with Italo?

10) How to book train tickets with Italo? TENTH STEP

Fill in your details as (respectively): First Name, Last Name, E-mail, E-mail Confirmation, Telephone (*). It is not necessary to include the name of all passengers, OK ?! Do not worry.  (*) It is not a mandatory field.

11) How to book train tickets with Italo? ELEVENTH STEP

ATTENTION: At economical rates, it is not always possible to choose the seat, the system will choose automatically. If it is possible to choose the seat, this icon will appear:

How to book train tickets with Italo?

By clicking on the icon above, this other screen will appear, as follows.

12) How to book train tickets with Italo? TWELFTH STEP

Let’s explore it: in the design of the train it is possible to choose the railcar. Note that there are icons showing where the A&B vending machines, disabled access, changing table and lounges are. Exploring the maps of the railcars you can also see where, for example, the restrooms are.

How to book train tickets with Italo?

13) How to book train tickets with Italo? THIRTEENTH STEP

After confirming the date and time, go ahead and you will go to the Payment screen. This screen is below the confirmation of dates and times. Here just choose the payment method. Let’s explore this screen: choose the card’s flag, put the card number, the name of the card holder (Card Holder), the validity (Valid until) and the security code (CVV2 / CVC2 / 4DBC) ; click Purchase and wait for the confirmation email.

How to book train tickets with Italo?

Important to Know

  • Check with your bank if your credit card can be used abroad, as an international credit card is required to purchase the ticket online. If your card is not enabled, the purchase will be refused.
  • After confirmation, on the last screen, all your purchase data with dates, times, and vouchers will be sent to your email. Stay tuned.
  • Always arrive at least one hour in advance at the train station.

If you want to know more about train travel, check out our special posts dedicated to this form of transportation so versatile, practical, economical, fast and safe! Just click on the links below and be up on everything!


How to book train tickets with Italo? Buying tickets in advance helps a lot and, as we could see, it’s not as complicated as it looks, right ?! If you have questions, talk to me! I can help you with that!  If you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier.

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