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How to organize a trip to Italy?

We will give you some essential tips and information for your dream trip to Italy to be impeccable! Don't miss out on 10 gold tips for organizing your trip to Italy!

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How to organize a trip to Italy?

It is not easy to organize an international trip and many people give up because they do not even know where to start. Thinking about this issue, to help you organize your dream trip to Italy, this post brings you some essential tips for your trip to be incredible! Are you ready? How to organize a trip to Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


We know that organizing a trip is not always easy and we always get hit by that “fear” of something going wrong, unforeseen events can happen, of course, and that is why it is good to be prepared for these cases. But, after all, how can we organize a trip to Italy? Today we are going to give you 10 golden tips on how to organize a trip to Italy in an impeccable way. Come with us and make the best trip of your life!

1) How to organize a trip to Italy? LEARN HOW TO PREPARE BAGS

Don’t overdo your suitcase! I know that the temptation to take a huge suitcase, stuffed with all the things you might need (or think you will!) seems very irresistible, but don’t forget that we end up buying different items during the trip, like clothes, cosmetics, food, souvenirs, etc. To avoid excess baggage on the way out, and especially on the way back, assemble your suitcase in a practical way and keep it light! Read our Post “Seasons in Italy, how to pack?”

2) How to organize a trip to Italy? CHANGE MONEY BEFORE YOU TRAVEL!

Change money before you travel! It sounds silly, but the exchange rate of your country is worth much more than abroad! If you haven’t changed nor need more money, change your money at the exchange offices in the destination airport, where rates are much lower than at street banks and exchange offices. You can also read How to take money to Italy?

3) How to organize a trip to Italy? TAKE BASIC MEDICINES IN YOUR HAND BAGGAGE!

Take basic medicine in your hand baggage! Some people pack their medicines in their checked baggage, but what if the luggage gets lost? Only a few people think about it, but it can happen! To avoid headaches (literally!) take the medicine you might need in your hand baggage. Remedies for headache, nausea, stomach problems, eye drops, intestinal problems, thermometer and Band-Aids are part of the “basic kit” and can help you a lot, during and after your flight; the change in climate, food and the internal environment of the airplane can interfere in our body in an unexpected way, so: always be prepared! Also read How to take medicine on your trip?

4) How to organize a trip to Italy? LEARN BASIC PHRASES IN ITALIAN BEFORE THE TRIP!

Learn some basic phrases in the local language! It is important that you know how to say, at least, three words in Italian: yes (si), no (no) and thanks (grazie)! Italian is not as difficult as it sounds and knowing a few phrases can also help you, for example: excuse me, I need help, please! (scusa, mi serve aiuto, per favore!); I don’t speak Italian (io non parlo italiano!), speak slowly, please! (parla piano, per favore!). Italians, even in the large tourist centers, do not insist on speaking English, but contrary to what many say, they are friendly and kind and will always try to help tourists! Of course there are exceptions but, in general, if handled well, they are extremely open to helping those in needs. Also read our: Basic Vocabulary Guide for a trip to Italy?

5) How to organize a trip to Italy? READ ABOUT THE COUNTRY’S SITUATION!

Find out about the country’s situation. Italy does not have major recurring natural disasters nor is it a country in a war zone, but it is good to know how the weather is, as some airports may close for various reasons such as snowfalls, for example. Before traveling to Italy, take a look at the news and weather conditions in the city where you are going to, it costs nothing! Read also Hiring Travel Consultancy: Is it worth it?


Never walk around without your documentation and write down emergency numbers! If you do not want to walk around the city with the original passport, for example, carry a certified copy and leave the originals in the hotel safe; talking about the hotel: always have the hotel name, address and phone number with you! Also keep emergency numbers in your notes; in the case of Italy the ‘general’ emergency number is 112. (for police 113; for firefighters 115; for roadside assistance 116 and for ambulance, 118). Plus: have the consulate and/or embassy number too! Also read our post: I lost my passport in Italy, what to do?

7) How to organize a trip to Italy? TAKE A WATER BOTTLE WITH YOU!

Take a reusable water bottle of water! Italian cities are full of sources of drinking water, so keep a bottle with you. Discover our section “Food in Italy!”

8) How to organize a trip to Italy? TAKE A POWER BANK AND ADAPTER!

Always have a cell phone charger and adapter! I know it seems like a “silly” tip, but many forget to take these items for the trips and, turning and moving, they run out of battery in the middle of the way. Always choose bi-volt chargers to avoid the risk of burning yours electronics with the wrong voltage in an unknown outlet! Read also Sockets in Italy: what do I need to know?

9) How to organize a trip to Italy? LEARN LOCAL CULTURE!

Learn a little about the local culture! Another world! For foreigners, who are used to having everything open almost every day, it is a bit strange to know that in Italy they have the ‘siesta time’, and it is a very normal habit (almost sacred!); Especially in smaller cities! So it is normal to find stores closed from 1 pm to 3 pm, or until 4 pm; Another thing that few are aware of: entry religious monuments with short clothes is forbidden, so: pay attention to the way you’re dressing. Also read: How to behave in Italy?

10) How to organize a trip to Italy? DO A RESEARCH BEFORE YOU TRAVEL

Search, search and search! About EVERYTHING you can remember! About the place where you are going, the chosen hotel, the history of the city, the times, the places you want to visit, the gastronomy… Research, plan, read a lot, in short: be prepared! Information is never too much and we often get out of trouble because we ‘read somewhere’ this or that!


How to organize a trip to Italy? It is not difficult to make a quality trip! Just get organized and organize yourself before reaching your final destination! And, if you feel insecure or don’t have the time, I can help you organizing your dream trip! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy come true! And how can I do that? Keep reading this post until the end and you will understand how I can make your life and your trip much easier 🙂

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