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Seven-day itinerary in Sicily using public transport

Sicily is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy and, due to its excellent rail connection, it can be visited almost entirely using public transport. In today's Post we will teach you the best way to make a 7-day itinerary using only public transport.

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Seven-day itinerary in Sicily using public transport

Today we are going to talk about wonderful Sicily. Sicily is one of the Italian islands and one of the most visited regions in Italy, because it is a region full of history, culture, fantastic cities and beaches with cinematic landscapes. We set up a tour for you to get to know the best of Sicily in a 7-day tour using public transport. Let’s go to our post of the day? Seven-day itinerary in Sicily using public transport. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

1) Seven-day itinerary in Sicily using public transport – FIRST DAY

Once in Sicily, we begin our tour of beautiful Palermo, the region’s capital. It is the best option for those who have ‘little’ time on the largest Italian island. Yes! Seven days is not enough to get to know this incredible region, but let’s move on! In Palermo we can visit Porto, incredible, in addition to Piazza Bellini (Bellini Square).

More attractions in Palermo

Don’t miss the city’s cathedral and one of the most beautiful chapels in Italy: the Palatine Arabic-Norman Chapel. It is impossible to be in Palermo and not pass the HISTORIC Focacceria San Francesco, which has been operating in the same place for (impressive!) 183 years and is where they sell the most famous cannoli on the island. In the evening, return to the hotel and rest for a busy day! How about a Street Food and Palermo History Tour: Walking Tour? Click here to learn more!


  • Two days in the city is enough to visit everything calmly, but in one day it is possible to get to know the best of the city.

2) Seven-day itinerary in Sicily using public transport – SECOND DAY

On the second day: time to pack, we left by train to Agrigento. The trip takes about two and a half hours and, once in Agrigento, the best option is to stay either in the center or close to a train station. Agrigento is the city of temples, and Valley of the Temples is a must-see. Also, be sure to stroll the charming streets of the city and observe its architecture. One day is enough to get to know the best of Agrigento. It is not a huge city and its attractions are close to each other, which makes it easy to get around. How about a Tour in Agrigento with Electric Bike Rental in the Historic Center? Click here to learn more!

3) Seven-day itinerary in Sicily using public transport – THIRD DAY

On the third day, we continue our journey, always by train, and go to Canicatti. There, we will only make the connection at the train station to continue to Ragusa. If we left straight from Agrigento to Ragusa, it would be necessary to return to Palermo in order to continue the journey, that would make us waste time, and time is what we don’t have on this trip! Once in Ragusa, we can discover all its charm from its up and down! It is a city that impresses with its ‘hidden’ landscapes between the low and high cities, which makes us understand all its importance for Sicily. The historic center, the ‘symphony’ of going up and down and the cathedral will delight you! One day in Ragusa is enough. How about a 3-hour tour of Sicilian Baroque and then Wine Tour? Click here to learn more!

4) Seven-day itinerary in Sicily using public transport – FOURTH DAY!

On the fourth day, we go to Syracuse. Another little Sicilian jewel that deserves a visit. Its Greek theater and archaeological park are a must! They excite by the impressive size, beauty and history! It is worth visiting! The historic center is another show apart! How about a Guided Velobike Tour of Syracuse? Click here to learn more!

5) Seven-day itinerary in Sicily using public transport – FIFTH DAY!

Departing from Syracuse, on our fifth day, we continue on to Catania. The city has enormous historical importance for both Sicily and Italy. The port city is one of the most visited in the region and presents its visitors with historic buildings, beautiful churches and magnificent views. How about a 2-hour private excursion with Arancino tasting in the center of Catania? Click here to learn more!

6) Seven-day itinerary in Sicily using public transport – SIXTH DAY

On the sixth day, head to Taormina. The most interesting point in the city is, without a doubt, the Old Theater of Taormina. The Theater has a breathtaking view and the sea that serves as a frame for this incredible city will enchant you. How about a half-day Pizza Tour taking class? Click here to learn more!

7) Seven-day itinerary in Sicily using public transport – SEVENTH DAY

On the seventh day, returning to Palermo, the feeling is that there is still much to visit in this unique region! And it’s missing! But I always say: do not visit everything at once, use it as an ‘excuse’ to return to Italy in the next opportunity! Of course, this itinerary is just a suggestion, Sicily is a fantastic region and you would need to stay there for at least a month to get to know almost the entire island, a time that, unfortunately, would not be enough. But you can get an idea of ​​everything that this fantastic land can offer us in terms of history, culture, gastronomy and beauties that look like real works of art!

Important to Know

  • Cities are easily toured on foot, there is no need to use buses, trains, even subways or taxi. Most of them concentrate the main attractions very close to each other, which facilitates the tour.

How to get to Sicily? BY AIRPLANE

Well, first of all: how to get to Sicily? If the island is your first destination during a trip, your stopover will probably be in Rome. From there, from Fiumicino Airport, you travel to the Airport, either from Catania or Palermo, depending on your choice. Both cities are great for use as a base city, as it offers good rail and ferry options, allowing you to move from the island to the mainland.

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How to get to Sicily? BY TRAIN AND SHIP

You can even leave northern Italy and head to Sicily by train, although it is not the best option. If you prefer you can go by ship, the trip takes about 14 hours (with the ship leaving Civitavecchia) and, although the ship offers cabins (from the simplest to the most luxurious) among other amenities such as restaurants and bars, the trip can be very tiring. The ship is CROWDED, especially in the summer. DON’T DREAM with a transatlantic ship, not even remotely, but the simplest cabins have a bed and bathroom, so it can be a good option.

The ship connecting the mainland and the island is much smaller and much less attractive than a cruise ship, but nothing unbearable, just tiring! Detail: the ship departs from the main ports with a low frequency, once or twice a week, so: organize yourself well! For more information on values, schedules and routes, you can access the website of the responsible company, Grandi Navi Veloci, by clicking here!

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Seven-day itinerary in Sicily using public transport. Traveling to Sicily is a great option for those who want to mix the best of history and culture with amazing beaches and panoramas. It is undoubtedly a region full of beauty and it is worth visiting!

If you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier.

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