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The most beautiful places in Calabria!

Still little known by tourists, Calabria is one of the most stunning regions in Italy. Shall we get to know it?

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The most beautiful places in Calabria!

Today we are going to list the most beautiful cities in this region full of natural beauty, beach, mountain, culture and history ! In 2017, the New York Times listed the region in its TOP 50 of unmissable and most beautiful places in the world. The region appears on the list in 52nd place! Furthermore, it was the ONLY Italian region that showed in the list. Shall we visit the most beautiful places in CalabriaHere at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

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Calabria is an Italian region located in southern Italy; to ‘locate’ it is the ‘tip’ of the boot on the map of Italy. Full of impressive beaches, Calabria has not yet fully established itself in the tourist circuit and, I confess, that is a pity. The region is BEAUTIFUL, and there is so much to offer tourists, that it is almost a ‘crime’ not to travel to this region at least once in a lifetime! I have lived in this region for 14 years, where I got my degree in Tourism and started a family 🙂 Now, I will introduce you to my favorite: T he most beautiful places in Calabria! At the end of the post, answer me if it is beautiful or not!

1) The most beautiful places in Calabria! TROPEA

Tropea , the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian, is located on a natural terrace, 70 meters above sea level. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous cities in Calabria, characterized by walls, towers, gates and a beautiful medieval historic center! It is also home to red onion, a product that brought fame to this magical place!

The History of Tropea

Tropea’s history begins in Roman times and because of its position overlooking the sea, Tropea played a very important role, both in Roman times and when it was under the rule of the Saracens, in addition to being also dominated by the Normans and the Aragonese. With the end of the domination of these peoples, the city was surrounded by walls. Between the 9th and 11th centuries, Tropea was occupied alternately by Byzantines and Arabs. Around the 12th century, the Norman cathedral was built. During these decades and thanks to the very mild climate and the port, which brought the city into contact with the main territories of the Mediterranean, Tropea became the seat of a large and rich noble class.Over the centuries, the nobility migrated to other regions and Tropea became, mainly, a tourist resort.

Did you know?

Little Tropea, known as “Pearl of the Tyrrhenian”, was elected as the most beautiful village in Italy in the “Il Borgo dei Borghi” contest, held annually by the Italian broadcaster Rai.

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2) The most beautiful places in Calabria! SCILLA

Beautiful and mysterious, Scilla is the ideal place to spend your holidays! It is a city of very old origins, and attracts by its natural beauty and by its noble past. In ancient times, the city was known as the Scylla and Charybdis isthmus, and today it is a center of great historical and economic interest for Calabria.

The Venice of the South

The ‘postcard’ monument of the city is the beautiful Ruffo Castle, of Norman origin, located on the rock overlooking the city. The historic center is another important point in the city: it has numerous palaces and churches of great beauty. The city is called the Venice of the South and the houses that ‘go around’ the sea, of a unique blue, attract our eyes and seem to hypnotize us! Thanks to its geographical position, Scilla is an excellent choice of city to visit! On the Scilla promenade, you will find numerous artisan shops. The hard thing here is choosing where to shop and, of course, what to take! In 2016, they did a contest on a famous Italian television program dedicated to tourism (Kilimanjaro) andScilla appeared in 8th place, being considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

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3) The most beautiful places in Calabria? STYLUS

The city of Stilo is among the most beautiful in Calabria. The spectacular position of this city presents its visitors with breathtaking views. Stilo is the city of the philosopher Tommaso Campanella, one of the most renowned when it comes to Italy. Stilo is also home to the charming Cattolica, one of the most important Byzantine churches in the world. In addition to all the natural beauty, Stilo has a very famous typical dish: homemade pasta seasoned with tomato sauce. In fact, the tomatoes are dried in the sun and then cooked in a wood oven; in addition to so many other delicacies, Stillo offers excellent cold cuts and cheeses, wild boar and game meat and, in these dishes, meats are accompanied by grilled potatoes.Among the typical sweets, pitta with nuts, dried figs and grapes conquers even the most demanding palate.

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4) The most beautiful places in Calabria! MORANO CALABRO

Morano is at the top of a hill and has the beautiful Pollino massif as a backdrop . The white houses resemble a waterfall that runs down the hill and, at the top, is the beautiful castle. Morano is a village of ancient origin whose name appears for the first time in a landmark of century II a. Found in Polla, in the Vallo di Diano. In the etymology of the name, several hypotheses have emerged, but there is no certain news.

Morano’s History

The most accepted idea seems to be that which derives the term Morano from the Greek verb meruo, which means ‘to unite, to join’ or from the noun meruma, in reference to the built houses glued together. With a new administrative system ordered by General Championnet, in 1799, Morano became a municipality. After the unification of Italy, by decree of June 1863, signed by Vittorio Emanuele II, the name Morano was added to the adjective ‘Calabro’ to distinguish it from Morano Sul Po (Alessandria).

Morano is also a land of great gastronomic tradition and, in addition to (delicious) pork sausages. You need to taste the city’s homemade pasta, such as the gnocchi called cavateddri; rascateddri, which is a pasta with sausage sauce; the tagliolini with beans or chickpeas, among some exclusive Morano dishes, such as stocku, pateni and stockfish with potatoes and dried peppers. In yet another contest on the Kilimangiaro program, this time in 2018, Morano Calabro was among the 20 most beautiful villages in Italy.

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5) The most beautiful places in Calabria! GERACE

Another beautiful place is Gerace ! The name of the city derives from ‘grayish sparrowhawk’, in memory of the bird of prey that, according to the legend, would have indicated to the inhabitants of Locri the exact place (today Gerace) to rebuild the city after a Saracen attack. For others, the explanation of the name comes from the old Byzantine name and means ‘sacred peak’.

Gerace’s History

The city, founded in the 8th-7th century BC by Greek settlers from Locri, is small, but its beauty is immense! Its historical heritage is due to the domination of several peoples: Arabs, Normans, Anjou and even French. Between Serre and Aspromonte, the city appears between the silver flashes of the olive trees and the blue of the Ionian that can be glimpsed in the distance! The city’s Cathedral is a work of art and is among the most important in southern Italy. Consecrated in 1045, it went through earthquakes or floods. Its interior is divided into three large naves by a double row of thin marble columns from the temples of Magna Graecia. Its primitive style combines between Romanesque and Norman styles. It really deserves a visit!

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6) The most beautiful places in Calabria! COSENZA

The English writer George Gissing defined Cosenza with impressive precision: ‘ Cosenza has interests and wonders that give the temptation to stroll there all day . It is inappropriate to call it picturesque; at every step, from the beginning of the main road, at the foot of the hill, to the Medieval Castle, which crowns its summit, it is surprising and admirable.

Cosenza’s History

The city does not cease to amaze! It is full of monuments and places of historical and artistic interest, as well as being one of the most vibrant cities in southern Italy. The city’s greatest symbol is the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, which is a UNESCO heritage site . Built in the middle of the 11th century, thanks to its long history, it presents several architectural styles, even though its Latin cross structure is typically Romanesque. Another important and interesting place is the historic center, full of life, bars, restaurants and several historic buildings. At the top of Mount Pancratius is the beautiful Norman Castle and, in the various alleys of the city, it is possible to buy very charming handicrafts.The city is also full of parks and urban gardens.

The small park La Villa Vecchia is the green lung most frequented by the inhabitants of Cosenza and was built in the 18th century. The Park has several centuries-old trees, statues and monumental fountains. In the so-called Villa Nuova, a ‘new’ part of the city, built in 1932, the War Memorial headquarters is located and is characterized by the presence of pine and palm trees.

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7) The most beautiful places in Calabria! LE CASTELLA

Located near the island of Capo Rizzuto, Le Castella is one of the most famous seaside resorts on the Ionian coast of Calabria. It is a village known for its suggestive Aragonese fortress, which dominates the bay from a small island facing the continent. The Greeks gave impetus to the small population centers and, in the archaic era, several people who extracted the tuff from the quarries and built the first walls, today found in the sea, under the Aragonese fortress, frequented Castella.

A Little More About Le Castella

Over time, 2 of the 3 islets surrounding Le Castella ended up in the sea, taking Castra Hannibalis with them. After that, the village was occupied by the Arabs, in the 9th century BC, and two centuries later the Aragonese took it back. In the 15th century, a large part of the reconstruction of the fortress took place, ordered to defend the village constantly under attack. Finally, in the 16th century, the Spanish equipped the fortress with powerful quadrangular bastions. The surrounding area of ​​Le Castella is rich in history and archaeological evidence. The Archaeological Park and the Archaeological Museum, with the Cape Nao Tower, are to the north of the city. Among the best seaside resorts in Calabria, Le Castella is noteworthy and, above all, Le Castella is home to the Capo Rizzuto Marine Reserve.

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8) The most beautiful places in Calabria! SANTA SEVERINA

In the province of Crotone is Santa Severina , one of the most beautiful Italian villages. The village is now one of the most interesting tourist places in Calabria and is where Santa Severina Castle is located, in front of the Cathedral of Santa Anastácia, built in 1274. The monumental castle houses a museum that displays the findings of excavations and other archaeological materials. , in addition to collections from the neighboring territory and is home to the ‘Center for the Study and Documentation of Calabrian Castles and Fortifications’. The place also hosts exhibitions, shows and events.

Its Attractions

In Santa Severina , be sure to visit the Byzantine Baptistery, the only one, at least in Italy, which has a circular plan with four appendixes. The historic center is another attraction apart: you will be ‘transported’ to other times and you will love it! In 2015, also in a contest of the Kilimangiaro program, the city placed 3rd, being considered one of the most beautiful in the whole country.

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9) The most beautiful places in Calabria! REGGIO CALABRIA

Reggio Calabria has an unmistakable sea! It is ideal for those who like the beach and nature. Home of the Riace Bronzes (considered 12 ° wonders of the world by art historians) and the National Archaeological Museum of Magna Graecia, the city is an Italian jewel! Walking through the city center, we find the Cathedral and the Chapel of the Most Holy Sacrament.

Its Attractions

Full of churches, the city is charming and pleases all types of tourists. Be sure to stop by Corso Vittorio Emanuele III, Independence Square and Piazza Garibaldi. Among the most famous palaces are Palazzo Spinelli and Palazzo Zani. Another must-see is the Amphitheater Arena dello Stretto, in addition to the various archaeological sites. The city is full of museums like the Textile Museum, Silk Museum among others. Reggio Calabria is also the land of peppers and presents fantastic dishes with this unique delicacy!

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10) The most beautiful places in Calabria? CIVITA

In the heart of the Pollino National Park, we find Civita, “the country (village) among the rocks”, thus defined in terms of the huge green mountains that surround the valley, immersed in an unparalleled natural environment, one of the most beautiful valleys in Pollino. Civita lies amidst a typical Mediterranean vegetation on one side and, on the other, an exciting landscape characterized by the Canyon Raganello, which is the gateway to the Pollino National Park.

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Map with the most beautiful places in Calabria

The Most Beautiful Places In Calabria!
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Would you like to visit the beautiful Calabria?

Calabria extends to southern Italy, a mountainous territory between the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea. After the Greeks came the Romans, the Byzantines, the Normans, the Swabians, the Angevins and the Aragonese. Precisely for this reason, this land is so diverse and, in each part of the Calabrian territory, we will find a different cultural and artistic heritage!

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The most beautiful places in Calabria?  We could spend hours talking about Calabria! It is a beautiful land with unique panoramas and sensational stories! Include at least one of these cities in your itinerary, you will not regret it and remember that I am the only English-speaker guide in the territory of Calabria. By hiring our services, you will be able to enjoy everything that this region has of the most beautiful, spectacular and fascinating! Our services offer quality, excellence and the guarantee of an unforgettable trip through Calabria

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