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What are the 5 best ski slopes in Italy?

Italy is one of the many destinations chosen by those who love skiing. We have prepared for today a list of the five best ski slopes in Italy.

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What are the 5 best ski slopes in Italy?

There are those who do not like the cold, but there are those who love it! And who loves it, REALLY LOVES IT! No wonder Italy is a popular destination for those who enjoy winter sports, especially skiing. Today we will know which are the five best ski slopes in Italy?  Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Winter sports are very popular in places with plenty of snow, and in Italy, of course, it would be no different. It is impossible not to give in to the temptation to descend a white mountain covered by fresh snow and with a cold wind hitting your face. See also our Post: Where to ski in Italy?

1) What are the 5 best ski slopes in Italy? BORMIO – STELVIO SKI SLOPE

Bormio – Stelvio ski slope- In the heart of Alta Valtellina (Lombardy), Bormio is immersed in the panorama of Passo Stelvio. The ski resort of Bormia has 16 elevators with 20 connected tracks and an extension of about 50 km of descent, which start at the top, about 3012 meters high, at Cima Bianca. Very famous there is the slope of Stelvio, which is the setting for the fixed nomination of the place for the Alpine Skiing World Cup in late December. Bormio, in recent years, has improved its infrastructure in an excellent way, especially in the hotel sector and services for guests.

Its Structure

The elevators that take and bring hundreds of tourists every day have been adapted with the latest technology, this too, because of the World Ski Championship, which requires a certain structure. Bormio offers a tasting for those who want to experience the descent of a champion: the difficult slopes are an incredible place to test your skills. In the training area, it is not difficult to find experienced and demanding skiers, since the slope is considered excellent. If you’re starting out, don’t worry: the beginner slope is also considered one of the best in the world. It works practically all year round, since, in addition to natural snow, the slope also receives artificial snow, which guarantees constant snow on 90% of the slopes. Skipass is available, but each area has its own. On this website you can check prices and, in some cases, you can also buy it online.

2) What are the 5 best ski slopes in Italy? MONTEROSA – LEONARDO DAVID SPECIAL SLOPE

Monterosa – Pista Leonardo David Special – Voted several times the most beautiful piste in the Italian Alps, this is one of the most popular ski resorts in Italy, in the Piedmont region. Its descent is very varied and mixes continuous lines with changes of rhythm. Framed by a forest of secular trees and with excellent night lighting, it is also very popular at night. The only negative point of this slope is that it does not connect with the other slopes in Monterosa, but still leaves nothing to be desired.

Its Attractions

Nearby, the villages, Walser, the 16th century church, the 19th century villages, the castle of Savoia with its beautiful alpine garden, the Alpenfaunamuseum with the collection, which houses trophies and weapons, and the squares, together with the park Lake Gover, make this area a spectacular option for staying on the mountain. Here, during the winter, you can ski on the legendary slopes of Weissmatten, among pine trees and frozen lakes. The black slope and ‘Leonardo David’ race piste make the Weissmatten sector one of the most suitable spots in the Monterosa ski area for experienced skiers. Skipass is also available for the Monterosa pistes. To buy it, just click here!

3) What are the 5 best ski slopes in Italy? MADESIMO – CANALONE SLOPE

Madesimo – Canalone Slope – Another very popular and beautiful slope is the Canalone slope, in Madesimo, Lombardy. A single slope with high hillsides. The beauty here, besides the fresh snow, is the panorama that the top of the slope offers. It is worth remembering that this is one of the most demanding slopes for skiers, that’s why it is important to have good physical preparation and adequate equipment. As if it were a long “canal”, once there you understand why this track is considered one of the best slopes in Italy. When you enter Canalone, you have to overcome 3 walls and then the track becomes very narrow, hence its name, which in English means ‘great canal’. There is no more delicious feeling than stopping at the end of the piste and seeing the long descent complete. In Madesimo, looking at the Canal, you will be satisfied to realize that you have descended from a splendid mountain like this. To buy skipass for this track, you can click here!

4) What are the 5 best ski slopes in Italy? LA THUILE – SLOPE FRANCO BERTHOD

La Thuile – Slope Franco Berthod – La Thuile, in the Aosta Valley, is the most western ski resort in the Aosta Valley and, together with La Rosiére, in France, is known as Espace San Bernardo. It has more than 160 km of slopes and, as a background, it shows us Heliski, with the Rutor and Miravindi glaciers. It is good to know that La Thuile is a place name also present in France and Switzerland, so it is not difficult to find place names in French. Here, the Chicca area extends between 1440 and 2700 meters in height and presents a very pleasant climate, despite the snow; for not being as high as other ski resorts, the track has 400 cannons of artificial snow, but this does not take away all its beauty and efficiency for ski lovers.

Good to know

From the city center, you can easily reach Les Suches, which is 2080 meters high. From here, the landscape of the Rutor glacier is impressive! Heading towards Chaz Dura and Monte Belvedere, at 2600 meters high, you can admire a 360 ° sky line, unique in its kind. If you want even more beauty: go to Piccolo San Bernardo. The hills require our attention, but the panoramic view of Mont Blanc is worth every sore muscle! To buy skipass for La Thuile, click here!

5) What are the 5 best ski slopes in Italy? LIVIGNO – SLOPE GIORGIO ROCCA

Livigno – Slope Giorgio Rocca – The Slope Giorgio Rocca is the most recent slope in Livigno, Lombardy, and it was dedicated to the great country champion Giorgio Rocca who has 11 wins in the Slalom World Cup and the Crystal Cup in the specialty. The piste is part of the Mottolino ski area, where it is number 26 and is a black piste that starts at 2386 meters above sea level; about 1400 meters long, it has an altitude difference of 450 meters. There are simpler pistes around, for intermediate skiers and beginners, who leave nothing to be desired. To buy skipass for Livigno, you can click here!

Skiing in Italy from North to South

It is possible to ski from north to south in Italy, but the best slopes are in the Italian Alps region. The Italian Alps offer, in addition to wonderful landscapes, phenomenal ski slopes for winter sports lovers. They form a great arch that surrounds the Po Valley and mark stretches that border Italy and countries such as France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. The Alps pass through seven Italian regions: Liguria, Piedmont, Aosta Valley, Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, although the most popular places are the Aosta Valley and the Trentino Alto Adige region, as both have territories completely located in the alpine region.

The Alps are divided into 20 sections grouped into three main sectors: western, central and eastern Alps. Temperatures at the top of some places in that area can reach up to minus 20 degrees (depending on the season and weather conditions) so it is important to choose the right clothes and remember to include sunglasses (preferably those that reflect light – mirrored ones), gloves, waterproof clothing, etc. The choice of equipment is also important and all ski resorts have monitors so they can assist you when renting or buying ski equipment. See our section on Climate in Italy! Find out the best time to travel to Italy!

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  • The pistes at Italian ski resorts are divided into sectors: blue pistes (blu), red pistes (rosse) and black pistes (nera), being then: pistes for beginners and for those who like tranquility (blu), intermediate pistes (rosse) that are not so difficult, but it requires some experience and the black pistes (nera) that are for experienced skiers, as they are complex and demand a lot from the skier. ATTENTION: If you have NO EXPERIENCE, DO NOT GO THROUGH THE BLACK PISTE AT ALL! It can be extremely dangerous, O.K.?! Respect your own pace!

Important to Know

  • In case of warning of a possible avalanche, imminent danger or closing of the tracks due to adverse weather conditions: DO NOT INSIST! DO NOT FREQUENT TRACKS! It can be very dangerous! Follow the Civil Defense guidelines, firefighters and officials to the letter, they know exactly what to do.

Is it worth buying the Skipass?

It is worth remembering that Italy is full of ski resorts and one is more beautiful than the other. A very common question among travelers who go skiing is about skipass. Is it worth buying? Honestly: it depends! If you are going to stay at least 6 days in the area and go skiing EVERY DAY, yes! It ends up paying off, but if you’re only going to ski for three or four days, it’s best to buy the ticket daily.


What are the 5 best ski slopes in Italy? Skiing in Italy is a delight and, as we said, there are excellent options for all types of skiers, whether they are professional or not! And if you feel insecure, have no time, and need help to organize your trip, don’t hesitate to contact me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy come true. And how can I do that? Keep reading this post until the end and you will understand how we make your life and your trip much easier ????

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