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What are the most beautiful little-known villages in Italy?

If you already know traditional Italy, I invite you to get to know this unknown Italy, which reserves "really" so many beauties and surprises that you will be fascinated !!

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What are the most beautiful little-known villages in Italy?

Here we will visit the most beautiful and unknown villages in Italy. We will tour, once again, the wonders of beautiful Italy, always valued for its historical, monumental and cultural riches. Would you know what are the most beautiful little-known villages of Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


There would be countless places to list and, therefore, recommendable for my readers, but this time we will talk about “ten villages in Italy” charming and characteristic centers built outside the old city walls that are unknown to you and even so many Italians! Also read What to do in Italy in 10 days?

If you already know traditional Italy, I invite you to know this unknown Italy which reserves “really” so many beauties and surprises !! Now we will list for you the most valued villages in Italy. Read also What are the 10 most visited cities in southern Italy?

1) What are the most beautiful little-known villages in Italy?  GERACE – CALABRIA

Gerace (Calabria): as the city is divided by different centers, but connected by good road networks, it is advisable to make the visit on foot to better appreciate its countless architectural beauties. The visit to the city starts from the village, where there was the old port of Varvara and the potters’ shops. The state road goes around the Citadel to the right of a neighborhood partially founded on the rock, until Republic Square, where the splendid Church of Saint Mary ‘del Mastro’ is located.

In the immediate vicinity you will find the old Balzo palace overlooking the plain, the latter easily accessible along a road that spreads along the main road just beyond the 18th century Church of Saint George; a little far away is the fascinating church of Holy Mary in Monserrat, of Byzantine origin. Come and be enchanted with a wonderful village!

Watch the video of Gerace in Calabria


2) What are the most beautiful little-known villages in Italy? MONTALBANO ELICONA (SICILY)

Montalbano Elicona (Sicily), in the province of Messina, won the 2015 title of the most beautiful village in Italy. The most significant architectural historical element of Montalbano Elicona is the castle that dominates an irregular and tortuous medieval urban fabric, which loosens up and down the alleys, adapting to the shapes of the rocky promontory.

The small houses built of sandstone are full of authentic history. Surrounded by secular forests, Montalbano Elicona is one of the oldest and most suggestive medieval villages, rich in history, art and popular traditions. Built on a plateau at an altitude of 907 meters and crowned with a majestic castle, it offers an incomparable landscape over the sea and the Aeolian Islands, Etna and the lush green reliefs that surround it.

Watch the Video of Montalbano Elicona (Sicily)


3) What are the most beautiful little-known villages in Italy? MONTEVERDE (CAMPANIA)

Monteverde (Campania): the Historic Center, entrenched around the castle, adapts to the morphology of the place, which was devastated several times by earthquakes, and preserves its original urban fabric from the high Hirpine countries, with the narrow streets in platform to remember the unevenness of the road circles, and a tight physical space where it is not uncommon to use the rock for residential purposes. Strolling through the streets, one notices, enclosed in a house, a rock shaped by the wind in the shape of an elephant. The aggregation in a row of houses along the concentric series of alleys, arches and the stairs that follow the course of the hill, have donated compaction to the village.

The Palaces

It is worth seeing the castle, built in local stone to defend the borders of the neighboring duchy of Benevento. On paved sidewalks, attention is often captured by buildings of interesting manufacture by the 19th century bourgeoisie, such as the Pelosi and Spirito palaces on Bocchetti street, embellished by artistic portals.

As for places of worship, the main one is the former cathedral dedicated to Our Lady of Nazareth. Dominated by the castle, it presents itself to us in the Baroque style of repair. Inside, it preserves paintings from the 17th century Neapolitan school, wooden statues and altars with ages between the 15th and 18th centuries.

Watch the vídeo of Monteverde (Campania)

4) What are the most beautiful little-known villages in Italy? CASTELSARDO (SARDINIA)

Castelsardo (Sardinia): entrenched on a large promontory overlooking the sea, Castelsardo with its maze of winding sidewalks in the old village – offers a view of great fascination. In fact, from any perspective one can observe, offering postcard views, in particular of the Castle, which now houses the Museo dell’Intreccio Mediterraneo (Mediterranean Intreccio Museum).

Characteristic are its innumerable steps and labyrinths of narrow streets over which you can see the typical houses built in vertical, the stone extensions and the squares. Among the most important cathedrals stands out the Cathedral of Saint Anthony, patron of the city, visible from the sea and also from several miles, thanks to its bell tower, thanks to its colorful bell tower.

Church of Saint Mary

Nearby, there is the Church of Saint Mary, seat of the Brotherhood of the Holy Cross, from which the ancient sacred representations of Holy Week take place. The church preserves some remarkable treasures. From the Castelsardo promontory in the western part, crossing the sea towards the island of Asinara, it closes the outfall of the port of Frigiano, offering mariners a safe repair, while in the opposite part it degrades on the sea. It is here that the ancient Romans built one of their landings, Cala Austina, until today a beautiful bay.

Watch the video of Castelsardo (Sardinia)


5) What are the most beautiful little-known villages in Italy? PITIGLIANO (TUSCANY)

Pitigliano (Tuscany), a village of Etruscan origin, was built on a hill of Tuff in which tunnels, tombs, alleys and cellar were excavated in various periods and under various Roman and Longobard dominations. The limestone formations, Pitigliano’s tourist fortune, range from simple natural caves to older ones and are an integral part of the most celebrated Etruscan necropolises and path of Etruscan caves.

About Pitigliano

The characteristic historic center is noted for Little Jerusalem, for the historic presence of a Hebrew community, always well integrated in the social context and that here had its own synagogue. Of particular importance are the arches of the Mediceo aqueduct, the Church of Saint Mary, the 1400 cathedral, the Orsini castle and the entire historic center. Also known as the city of love, Pitigliano is also recognized as a postcard, thanks to the medieval beauty and fascination that sets it apart.

Watch the vídeo of Pitigliano (Tuscany)


6) What are the most beautiful little-known villages in Italy? BOVINO (PUGLIA)

Bovino (Puglia): located on the border between Puglia and Campania, over the centuries, Bovino has played a strategic role in the connections between the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian seas. The old village, destroyed and rebuilt more often, is characterized by the harmony of the urban structure and the state of conservation, in general, materials, shapes and colors typical of its tradition.

Today, one can still admire broad traces of paving in river stone, stone houses, cradle vault in small bricks, noble buildings with their Romans and beautiful courtyards, an impressive number of stone portals (about eight hundred of which were counted ), the work of local master sculptors and proof of the city’s assumed performance over the centuries. The white houses, the steep steps of the streets, the surrounding green field complete the suggestive picture, which is of fragile beauty. The village includes seven churches inside, among which the important Basilica Cathedral stands out .

Watch the vídeo of Bovino (Puglia)

7) What are the most beautiful little-known villages in Italy? BRISIGHELLA (EMILIA ROMAGNA)

Brisighella (Emilia Romagna): just beyond Faenza, on the mountain road to Florence, it is worth discovering the small medieval village of Brisighella, placed at the foot of the three rocky pinnacles that dominate one of the most fascinating landscapes of our Apennines. Characteristic of the village is the path of the donkeys, closely linked to the roots of local history.

Museum of Rural Civilization

The Museum of Rural Civilization is located within Roccaveneziana, a powerful example of Renaissance military art, built on one of the three rocky peaks. Next to the Clock Tower, there is the Museum of Time. It is advisable to stop by the mill to taste one of the city’s excellent products, which is Brisighello extra virgin olive oil. Every year, between the end of June and the beginning of July, at the Medieval Festivals of Brisighello, “sacred and profane” representations of the past are revived, with shows, markets and medieval dinners offering dishes prepared according to ancient recipes. An absolutely indisputable fascination that cannot be overlooked.

Watch the video of Brisighella (Emilia Romagna)


8) What are the most beautiful little-known villages in Italy? VENOUS (BASILICATA)

Venosa (Basilicata): classified among the most beautiful villages in Italy, it is considered worthy of sustaining the imposing and magnificent beauty of Appenino Lucano. Framed by fantastic landscapes it is a little gem of relaxation and fun, nature and culture, full of wonders waiting to be discovered. Among the most fascinating areas is the archaeological park, with its ancient Roman baths. The undisputed symbol of Venosa is the incomplete church of the Holy Trinity, a true work of art in stone, but its incompleteness does nothing but increase the building’s mysterious and romantic fascination.

Watch the Video of Venosa (Basilicata)


9) What are the most beautiful little-known villages in Italy? MONTAGNANA (VETO)

Montagnana (Veneto): a lowland town, protected by a wall of belts in the late Middle Ages, perfectly preserved and among the most spectacular in Europe. Anyone who approaches Montagnana and sees it flourish in the meadows, cannot help admiring a true parenthesis from the Middle Ages. The city wall represents, in fact, a true and unique jewel of rare beauty. The urban fabric is variegated.

Dominate the village and the cathedral, overlooking the main square. A beauty that is not to be missed is the municipality and the splendid Villa Pisani, a masterpiece by Palladio. But the most valuable beauties of Montagnana are: the wall, the fortress of trees and the castle of Saint Zenon.

Watch the vídeo of Montagnana (Veneto)


10) What are the most beautiful little-known villages in Italy?  NEIVE (PIEMONTE)

Neive (Piedmont), which exhibits a great deal of indisputable beauty. Among them we remember: the clock tower, in a dominant position, in the heart of the medieval village, and the strips of pebbled streets. The atmosphere is genuine and the landscape of rolling hills seems to represent an idyllic parenthesis in a magical region. In Neive, colors abound, the small streets are often animated by peasant festivals and markets. The houses have red tiles, next to each other in order to create a picturesque setting embraced by plants and vineyards. A visit to the village winery and the tower of the monastery cannot be missed.

Watch the video of Neive (Piemonte)



What are the most beautiful little-known villages in Italy? Take the opportunity dear readers, be beauty climbers and fill your eyes with Italian wonders. Italy awaits you! And if you feel insecure, have no time, and need help to organize your trip, don’t hesitate to contact me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy come true. And how can I do that? Keep reading this post until the end and you will understand how we make your life and your trip much easier ????

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