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Why visit Italy?

According to UNESCO, more than half of the world's historical-artistic heritage are in Italy, in addition to the various archaeological sites and more than 3,000 museums scattered throughout the territory. Therefore, it is easy to deduce from this concept the reasons why Italy should be chosen as a travel destination.

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Why visit Italy?

Hello dear readers, in this post I will give you so many reasons to visit Italy that you will not resist. Remember to leave your comment at the end of the reading saying if I managed to convince you to visit Italy or at least put it on your list of goals for the future. Let’s find out why visit Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our Introduction to IL BEL PAESE

Italy: “Il Bel Paese” (“The Beautiful Country”) expression consolidated in the original language. Understanding the factors that lead tourists to choose Italy as a holiday destination is the basis for studying the tourist dynamics of the region. It is not possible to develop a tourism development strategy without first knowing the reasons why visitors choose Italy, instead of another country. Read also ADVICE FOR THOSE WHO GO TO ITALY FOR THE FIRST TIME? and WHAT DOCUMENTS DO I NEED TO TRAVEL TO ITALY?

According to UNESCO, more than half of the world’s historical-artistic heritage are in Italy, in addition to the various archaeological sites and more than 3000 museums scattered throughout the territory. Therefore, it is easy to deduce from this concept the reasons why Italy should be chosen as a travel destination. Italy, among others, could be defined as a country in the Mediterranean region that presents itself to everyone as a different and versatile place. In fact, few European countries are showing this multifaceted aspect. DISCOVER MY ITINERARY TIPS IN ITALY!


There are a lot of different opportunities, from classic beach vacation to cultural and educational travel in one of Italy’s historic cities; also, tours aimed at sport and physical activity. Finally, travel offers in Italy for tourists are always more attractive and varied. Whether by the State or by tourist organizations, the country is increasingly committed to enhancing the attractions in Italy and showing the peninsula on its best side. WHAT ARE THE MAIN TOURIST MONUMENTS IN ITALY?

Your trip in Italy will always be a great mixture of culture, history, sun and culinary specialties – characteristics that until today make the country an absolute paradise in Europe. Also read What to do in Italy in 10 days? e What are the 20 most visited cities in Italy?


Italy is made up of 95 provinces and 20 regions, each of which represents an unmissable destination with a multitude of cultural events and unique attractions – surely this is also one more reason for tourists to choose Italy. It is common for culinary specialties to distinguish Italian regions from one another, in addition to the historic city, cultural particularities and stunning landscapes, of course. So it is not strange that a traveler, having explored part of the peninsula, feels the need to know the rest as well. Very few other countries are as varied as Italy, which exposes its most beautiful side, making people infinitely fall in love with the place and then plan their second trip to Italy, and the third and so on. HOW MANY DAYS DO I NEED TO GET TO KNOW ITALY?

3) Why visit Italy? BECAUSE IT HAS MOUNTAINS !!

Frequently, not even Italians are aware of the beauty of their territory. In fact, even though Italy is a small country, Italy is a cluster of history, art and culture. In addition to the enchanting landscapes, such as its coastline of almost 7 thousand kilometers and the mountain ranges (the Apennines, the Alps and a series of natural splendors throughout the alpine arc) that leave thousands of skiers, climbers and tourists passing by ecstatic. . WHERE TO SKI IN ITALY?


Do you need to organize a trip but you are indecisive about your destination? Italy is certainly for you, as it is one of the few countries that can satisfy every taste. You can choose to take a radical trip in the mountains, a relaxing walk along the beaches, a city tour full of adventures or a cultural tour of the works of the world’s greatest artists. Definitely, Italy will be able to surprise and delight every one of its visitors. BEST PERIODS TO TRAVEL TO ITALY?

It doesn’t matter if you decide to visit Rome, Venice or Florence, or even spend your holidays in the Italian Alps or explore the beautiful coasts of the islands, such as Sicily or Sardinia, as all Italian regions have a multitude of attractions to offer the Visitor. You saw the differences in attractions in the photos, didn’t you? So, whatever you prefer, Italy is the right country for you. Although there are so many tourist attractions, there are others hidden and little known, a great suggestion. WHAT ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL UNKNOWN VILLAGES IN ITALY?

Learn more about Italy as a Tourist Destination

The list of reasons why the traveler may decide to choose our country as a tourist destination, would look like this:

  • The great artistic, historical and natural heritage.
  • The thousands of facets of Italian beauty and the arts. Homeland of poets, painters, actors and dancers like Dante, Boccaccio, Da Vinci, la Fracci, Bolle – that everyone is jealous of. The wonders of our land, of our cities: open-air museums that make the most romantic souls dream.
  • A mosaic of culture, tradition and history; you will experience the various customs that belong to you. Land of conquerors and conquered, of emigrants and immigrants, all of whom feel at home in the end. Normans, Byzantines, Arabs, Greeks and Romans sowed the seed of multiculturalism.
  •  Its memorable cities like Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan, full of charm, history, beauty and emotion.
  • Culinary specialties that today make Italy an absolute paradise in Europe. It is the country of good food, good wine, pizza, pasta, coffee, fig and mandolin and, finally, hospitality.
Now for sure you already know more about Italy, what to see, what to do. Isn’t it time to book your flight to Italy? 😉 EXAMPLES OF TOURISTIC ITINERARIES


Why visit Italy? What to say about Italy on a tourism blog? Everything but the kitchen sink, of course! One can write about art, culture, fashion, music (Verdi, Puccini and Rossini) and gastronomy (in addition to good wine). Also talking about Italian style and the excellence of the auto industry like Ferrari, Maserati and 500.

Of course, Italy also has its problems, such as organized crime, the difficulty in forming queues, this tendency to “caciara” as they say, that is, to speak out loud, always loud and disorganized. Italy is all of that, you love it or you hate it – and if you love it, you love its beauty and its ugliness, the good side and the bad side, right? Italy has always been a class figure and it has always had lovers everywhere. I hope that now you understand why this happens. Italy, impossible not to fall in love !!!

And if you feel insecure, have no time, and need help to organize your trip, don’t hesitate to contact me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy come true. And how can I do that? Keep reading this post until the end and you will understand how we make your life and your trip much easier ????

Did my post help you? If so, be sure to post your comment below, but if you still have questions just send me a message I will answer you as soon as possible!

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