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Where to sleep in Capri?

Choosing a hotel can be the most difficult part of a trip, but we have useful tips that can help you with this task! Where to sleep in Capri? Follow our tips and advice :)

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Where to sleep in Capri?

Hello darlings! I hope you are well! Today I will list for you some hotels in Capri. Many people find it difficult to choose a good hotel, either because they have no indication or because they are no sure whether they are making a good choice. Well then! Your problems are over! Let’s find out where to sleep in Capri? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Are you going to stay in Capri?

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Although small, Capri is an exciting city! With its sea and its unique scent, Capri has a perfume that is just hers and makes this piece of paradise one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. From there it is also possible to make a roundtrip to the Amalfi Coast, Naples or Pompeii and there are many options. Also read How to get to Capri from Rome? and What to visit in Capri in two days?

Capri is actually an island that is divided into two parts: Capri and Anacapri. Capri is the most touristic part while Anacapri is at the upper part of the island. Before learning where to sleep in Capri, let’s know how to use transport on the island and get to know some interesting tours? See the link below for our List of Romantic Restaurants in Capri!

Watch this video about Capri and take your breath away!

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1) Where to sleep in Capri? NEAR THE BEACH

To enjoy the beach, the best ones are those at Marina Grande and those at Marina Piccola, in addition to having great options at Faro di Punta Carena (Punta Carena Lighthouse).

The options of Hotels that I advise with great value for money are:

2) Where to sleep in Capri? IN THE HISTORICAL CENTER

The historic center of Capri is an attraction in itself! With shops, restaurants, an incredible central clock and a few small churches, Capri is the kind of city that looks like a toy! The center is called Piazzeta, something like ‘little square’. It is there the heart of the city and where everything happens! The nights, with the cool breeze, are delicious!

Via Caramelle 

Be sure to visit Via Caramelle, which is famous for being the most glamorous street in Capri! With its boutiques from major brands, the elegant atmosphere looks like it can transport you to another dimension!

Gardens of Augustus and the Via Krupp

Other important points of Capri are, without a doubt, the Gardens of Augustus and the impressive Via Krupp. The Gardens are beautiful, flowery and colorful. The aromas that mix are unique and make us travel! Via Krupp was ordered by Friedrich Alfred Krupp, a German millionaire who spent his holidays in Capri. He wanted the city center to be ‘connected’ to his home, so he asked (and paid!) For the entire Via. Today the road is partially closed for restoration, but from the Gardens of Augustus it is possible to have an almost complete view of this architectural marvel! Needless to say that the view from the top is incredible, right?!

The Scent of Capri

Remember I mentioned Capri perfume at the beginning of the text? Well, Capri has a unique smell (it’s not an exaggeration, it’s a fact!) And it’s a mixture of flowers with lemon. The perfumery responsible for this ‘masterpiece of smells’ is the Carthusia perfumery, which is a separate attraction (the soaps are beautiful and super flavored!). The story of this famous ‘scent of Capri’ tells that, in 1948, perfume formulas were found and that these formulas were perfected in a laboratory in Piedmont; the place was called: Carthusia!

The smell was defined as ‘a never-felt aroma’ and, until today, the perfume is made by hand, with natural raw materials and very high quality control. The smell is almost impossible to describe, but it is a fresh, tasty, striking and unique odor, as well as elegant!


The perfumery is super charming and sells several items with the ‘smell of Capri’, in addition to perfume, of course! Here you can find sachets, soaps, perfumes to carry in your bag, moisturizing creams, shampoos and other products. All are of excellent quality! Even if you don’t buy anything, be sure to visit this amazing perfumery located in Via Caramelle, 10. Ah, the establishments in the city use this smell to ‘refresh’ the environments, so it is felt throughout the city!

The options of apartments and B&B that I advise with great cost benefit are:

The options of Hotels that I advise with great cost benefit are:

3) Where to sleep in Capri? IN ANACAPRI

A great alternative is also to stay in Anacapri, which is cheaper and more peaceful than Capri, but at the same time is close to Capri. A must see there is, of course, the historic center in addition to Casa Rossa, the Church of Saint Michael and the Armando Diaz square. Be sure to also see the Saint Sophia church. From Piazza Vittoria (Vittoria Square) you can reach Mount Solaro, which has a unique panorama!

The options of apartments and B&B that I advise with great cost benefit are:

The options of Hotels that I advise with great cost benefit are:

Useful information

Be up to date with some useful information for your trip to Capri.

Transport Options

To get from one city to another, you can take the bus that costs EUR 1.80 (round trip EUR 2.70) or take the funicular, which also costs EUR 1.80 (round trip EUR 2.70) ). If you want to have a “free pass” to come and go as many times as you want during the day, use the daily ticket, which costs EUR 8.60. If you want to face the climb, on foot the journey takes about 50 minutes!

Island Tours

One of Capri’s postcards is the famous Faraglioni (or cliffs), rock formations in the sea that, “framed” by the blue of the sea, create a magical atmosphere. Capri offers impressive boat trips that take us to jaw-dropping hidden caves and beaches! Some tours last up to 4 hours, so once in Capri, don’t be in a hurry!

I advise the following Tours:

The Grotta Azzura (Blue Grotto)

Another postcard of this paradise on earth is the famous Grotta Azzura. It is an AWESOME beauty! There are those who do not see anything too much in this small cave, but in any case, be sure to visit it! The blue that appears there is almost divine and happens because of the reflection of sunlight in the water and intensifies around noon, when the strong sun shines in all its splendor.

  • Capri is a charm in the summer, but it gets crowded! Avoid visiting the city in winter: it doesn’t lose its charm in the lower part, but sometimes there is fog and the view from the top is badly affected. Visit our section on Weather in Italy!

How were the hotels chosen?

The hotels were chosen taking into account three main concepts: evaluation, location and daily rate. I want to make it clear that NONE of these hotels sponsored this post. The daily rates may vary from the values shodue to demand, time of year and room availability. Please always check directly when booking with Booking.com.

Didn’t you like these options? So learn right now!

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Where to sleep in Capri? Capri makes us want to live there! A calm city, of incredible beauty, makes our hearts flutter just by hearing your name! The sea, while seeming to protect us from reality outside the island, frames Capri in a way that is poetic and ends up being full of affection! It seems to hug us and welcome us as soon as we set foot on Capri and, when we leave, it seems to tell us’ always come back! Now, the house is also yours!’.

If you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier.

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