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What to do in Lucca in one day?

With its historic center full of attractions from different eras, Lucca enchants at first sight! If you have little time in Italy read this post and make the best itinerary in the city of Lucca!

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What to do in Lucca in one day?

Lucca, a Tuscan city located northwest of the region, is among the most interesting municipalities in terms of art and nature. A city outside the main tourist flows. Lucca is a charming Renaissance city and it is a mandatory stop for all lovers of the varied Tuscan and Italian historical heritage. Surrounded by its famous wall, this small Tuscan town gathers a lot of panoramas, monuments and natural landscapes, with a peaceful and inspiring climate. If you are short of time see here what to do in Lucca in one day. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Visiting Lucca in one day means getting in touch with nature, rediscovering the pleasure of discovery, taking advantage of every detail of the city and art. There are many things to see, as it is a city with enormous historical and monumental wealth – so much so that it advanced the proposal to include its historic center in the UNESCO list of “World Heritage”. This small Tuscan town has one of the best preserved historic centers in all of Europe. Its walls (which were never used for defensive purposes) kept the monumental beauty of the place intact.

1) What to do in Lucca in one day? LUCCA WALLS

Right from the start, I say we start with the famous Walls of Lucca. Built between 1504 and 1645, they were transformed into an urban park during the 19th century. The walls are a characteristic feature of the place, making Lucca famous all over the world. The walls are home to the city’s beauties and on the outside it is possible to appreciate the natural landscape of virgin forest around it. From here it is possible to see the two main towers of Lucca: Giunigi Tower and Clock Tower. This small town has many tree-lined streets, perfect for playing sports or organizing outdoor events.

Lucca Historic Center

Entering the historic center of Luca, surrounded by walls, we find medieval towers and almost 100 churches, which is why it is nicknamed “the city of a hundred churches”, so large is the number of religious buildings from various eras present in the municipality. This name is not in vain, considering that, in addition to the official churches, each palace has its own private chapel.

2) What to do in Lucca in one day? VISIT THE CATHEDRAL

To start the visit to the city, we can start from the Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Martin. The church is one of the most important examples of Italy’s Romanesque-Gothic style, which started in the 11th century and completed in the following century. Inside the cathedral, we can admire the famous Sarcophagus of Ilaria del Carretto (the work of the great artist Jacopo della Quercia) and the Temple of the Holy Cross. Not far from the Cathedral is the Church of Saint Michael, located in the square of the same name. This church is characterized by a series of arches on the façade and a beautiful bell tower. Also very beautiful is the statue of Saint Michael placed on top of the façade.

3) What to do in Lucca in one day? VISIT AMPHITHEATER SQUARE

About ten minutes walk from the church of Saint Michael, you can see the famous Amphitheater Square, one of the main places in the city. Here I recommend a walk along Via Fillungo, the main street that crosses the historic center, with a beautiful view of the medieval buildings. The center of Lucca’s commercial and artisanal activity, Via Fillungo harmoniously unites the old and the modern, providing the visitor with an interesting tour, observing the traditional artisans. The Amphitheater Square, today also known as the “Fair Square”, is an unmissable stop, where in the past the ancient Roman Forum appeared. The square is accessed through the four doors of the old city entrances. The Amphitheater Square is a treasure for the municipality of Lucca, with its cozy restaurants and shops of painters and artists.

4) What to do in Lucca in one day? VISIT THE NAPOLEON SQUARE

The visit to Lucca takes us to Napoleon Square, known to the inhabitants as “Great Square”, which has always been a central space of political power with the Ducal Palace (now the headquarters of the City Hall). The current systematization of the square is very different from the original. Nowadays the Napoleon Square is seen mainly as one of the central points of the city of Lucca for its spacious and elegant environment. The city of Luca is looking to better enjoy its own historic buildings; and for that reason it transformed several palaces into important museums and public structures of great importance.

5) What to do in Lucca in one day? VISIT THE MANSI PALACE

Among them, I recommend visiting the Mansi Palace, a 17th century building that houses the collection of the National Pinacotheca. There are prestigious Italian and foreign works, made between the Renaissance and the 18th century, portraits of the Médici family, religious paintings and some works in Flemish style.

How to get to Lucca?

Getting to Lucca is easy, thanks to the good connections that allow for several choices. The city’s strategic position makes Lucca an ideal stopover for a trip in Tuscany.

1) How to get to Lucca? BY AIRPLANE

The two main airports are: Pisa International Airport (“G. Galilei”) and Florence International Airport (“Amerigo Vespucci”). Also read our Special Posts on Airports in Italy:

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2) How to get to Lucca? BY TRAIN

The Lucca train station is outside the walls, in Ricasoli Square, close to Porta San Pedro (Saint Peter Gate – from where you can reach the historic center in a few minutes). The main interconnections are: Florence (Santa Maria Novella Station), Pisa (Centrale Station and Pisa Airport Station) and Viareggio (Centrale Station).

Also find out “What is the difference between trains in Italy?”. Would you like to save? So buy your ticket online in advance and save a lot, read the Post “How to buy a train ticket in Italy?“.

3) How to get to Lucca? BY CAR

  • Highway A11 Firenze-Mare, exits Lucca Est and Lucca Ovest;
  • Highway A11 Lucca-Viareggio, exits Lucca Est and Lucca Ovest;
  • Highway A12 Genova-Rosignano-Versilia-Lucca.

Traveling by car in Italy

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What to do in Lucca in one day? Lucca represents art that coexists with nature and architecture that relates to urban planning. This Tuscan city is the cradle of a culture that preserves and encourages excellence. It is a magical region that must be explored and experienced.

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