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Where to sleep in San Gimignano?

A little gem in Tuscany, that's how we can define this magical little town! So stay with us because we have prepared a short list with tips on where to sleep in San Gimignano!

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Where to sleep in San Gimignano?

Over the years tourists have fallen in love with San Gimignano! It is a small town in Tuscany that holds true treasures. Because it is small, it is always crowded, especially on weekends and in the high season, when tourists fill the city, but even this is not able to take away the charm of this small town, which undoubtedly deserves a visit! Are you wondering where to stay in San Gimignano? Then read this post about San Gimignano and see our accommodation tips and know: where to sleep in San Gimignano? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Are you going to stay in San Gimignano?

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The government of San Gimignano, in 1282, registered all the old houses in the city, banning the construction of newer and more modern houses and, thus, preserved all the medieval charm of this unique city! The city today attracts thousands of tourists and has remained almost unchanged since that time. There were about 72 towers in the city, which symbolized each wealthy family in the city. Nowadays, however, only 13 remain, but it is still possible to witness the splendor of this place. Also read How to get to San Gimignano from Florence?

San Gimignano, over the years, has been discovered by tourists and there has been a tremendous increase in the number of visits and, although the tour there is not so long, there is a large volume of people entering and leaving the city. The options are not so wide to stay here, since the city is not exactly huge, on the contrary: it is small and concentrates its main points close to each other, that is: one night here is enough! Learn more about the Tuscany Region

Important information

It is important to say to those traveling by car, that the ideal is to stay outside the San Gimignano Center to avoid parking fines, fines with the famous ZTL and other possible inconveniences. Don’t you know what a ZTL is? Then read our Special Post How do ZTL in Italy work? and to find out more about driving in Italy, check out our section on Driving in Italy! You will find lots of information and tips on signs, parking, tolls, fueling and much more !!!

1) Where to sleep in San Gimignano? NEXT TO THE CATHEDRAL

One of the most important points of the city is, without a doubt, the city’s Cathedral. Obviously, if you left Florence or Milan, you will be very disappointed when you see the Cathedral of San Gimignano, which is proportional to the size of the city, but don’t be fooled: it is BEAUTIFUL!

About the Cathedral

The simplicity of the 12th century facade does not allow us to imagine what awaits us inside! With three naves, which share the structure, the Collegiate Church of the Assumption of Mary preserves some masterpieces inside. At the top of the counter facade is the Martyrdom of St Sebastian; in the central part the formidable Last Judgment and along the wall on the right side, there are New Testament Stories. On the left side we can see the Old Testament. Looking at the transept, we find two gems: a polychrome wooden crucifix from 1200 and the Chapel of Saint Fina.

The story of Saint Fina

The story of Saint Fina is quite interesting: after her mother’s death, she decided to live to death praying, lying on a wooden table. Legend has it that St. Gregory the Great announced her death and, therefore, eternal life and, they say, the event occurred on the day of the saint’s feast. It is this beautiful story that Ghirlandaio tells with his frescoes in the homonymous chapel of the Cahtedral.

This specific scene is on the right wall, and it shows the sacred magnification. Santa Fina appears with two nurses beside her and Saint Gregory, in the heavens, announcing her martyrdom. On the left wall, it is possible to see the Saint’s three miracles: the healing of an elderly nurse, who was cured of paralysis; a blind child who, upon touching the saint’s feet, regained his sight; and the bells of the San Gimignano bell tower that rang through the intervention of angels.

The accommodation options that I advise with great value for money are:

2) Where to sleep in San Gimignano? CLOSE TO PIAZZA DEL DUOMO (DUOMO SQUARE)

While the Duomo (Cathedral) is the ultimate symbol of Christianity in the city, Piazza del Duomo is the symbol of life in this small town! There are Town Hall (or Podestà Palace), Grossa Tower and Loggia of the Municipality. Loggia housed all government officials who visited to accompany public ceremonies.

The palace today houses the Museo Civico di San Gimignano (San Gimignano Civic Museum), which is also worth a visit! The Museum, located in the Palazzo del Popolo (Popolo’s Palace), already boasts all its beauty right at the entrance, with the cistern of 1361 and with several frescoes that decorate its surroundings. Overcoming the staircase, we find the Dante Room, which received the homage due to its permanence in the city in 1300. After passing through the Secret Room, where the stairs to the Torre Grossa are located, we arrive at the Art Gallery that holds numerous priceless works.

Accommodation I advise with great value for money in Piazza della Cisterna:


Another interesting point in the city is the beautiful Piazza della Cisterna. It is at the top of the hill and is the ideal place to rest after walking around the city: the view pays all the sacrifice! The square has an octagonal well in the center and the coat of arms is carved into the stone well. Harmonious, it is undoubtedly the most beautiful square in the city. This is where the largest number of stores, restaurants and other establishments are concentrated. Looking to the side we can see the Palazzo Tortoli Castle, with its four elegant windows from the 14th century.

The Torre del Diavolo (“Devil’s Tower”)

The most beautiful palaces in the city are also there and, nearby, there is also the Torre del Diavolo, so called because, according to legend, when its owner returned from a long journey, he found it higher than he had left it; thus, everyone said it was the work of the devil, since no one had interfered in increasing his height.

Accommodation I advise with great value for money in Piazza della Cisterna:
The accommodation options that I advise outside the Center with great value for money are:

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Where to sleep in San Gimignano? In summary: San Gimignano is not a big city and the accommodation options are, in fact, limited, but all excellent, in great locations and you will have no problem choosing a hotel in this amazing city. San Gimignano, although small, deserves time to be visited. If you can only do a round trip, don’t worry, there will be other opportunities to spend more time here, but if you have time available, stay at least one night in this little Tuscan jewel!

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