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Where to sleep in Verona?

Verona is charming and cultural! Although not a big city, it has great accommodation options. Today we have prepared a list with tips on where to sleep in Verona!

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Where to sleep in Verona?

Verona is home to the famous (and romantic) Juliet’s House, as well as home to the imposing Verona Arena and the majestic Piazza del Erbe (Erbe Square). Not to mention that it is an extremely charming city full of history. Today we will find out which are the best places to stay in Verona. Then read this post about Verona and see our hosting tips. Let’s go to our post of the day? Where to sleep in Verona? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Are you going to stay in Verona?

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When we talk about Verona the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful Arena of Verona, where the city’s great shows take place, but Verona goes further and presents tourist attractions for all types of tourists. Now for the tips on accommodation in this beautiful city. Stay with us and make the best Italy Travel Guide with us! I recommend a panoramic bike tour in Verona, click here to find out more!

1) Where to sleep in Verona? IN THE HISTORICAL CENTER

The historic city center is a great region to stay: close to everything, it is well structured, elegant and very pleasant. A popular sight that deserves to be highlighted in the historic center is Piazza del Erbe. The square, the oldest in Verona, is above the Roman Forum region, in fact, in Roman times, it was the heart of the city’s political and economic life.

Maffei Palace

In 2012 it was voted the most loved square in the world! No wonder: wide, it is surrounded by historic buildings such as the Maffei Palace, which dates from the 15th century (although they say it was there long before!), And on December 20, 1629 it was enlarged by Marcantonio Maffei , whose surname was used as a tribute to baptize the Palace. The building was completely completed in 1668. The square also features numerous sculptures, among them, the ones that deserve more emphasis are: the Fountain, also called Madonna Verona, the Capitello, also called the Tribune, and the beautiful Column in front of the Maffei Palace, all made in marble represents the Republic of Venice. Nearby is also the Juliet’s House.

Juliet’s House

Juliet’s House, which is, without a doubt, another highlight of the city! Juliet’s House is a medieval palace on Via Cappello. One of Shakespeare’s most famous plays brought together fiction, legend and reality (Romeo and Juliet), and evidence was found in Verona that shows that several places in the story told do exist. Don’t miss Brà Square, the largest in Verona. There you can see the Barbieri Palace, which is the seat of the city hall and was built between 1836 and 1848. In the same square is the famous Verona Arena.

Verona Arena

There are no exact dates for the construction of this magnificent structure, but many believe that it was erected between the second and third decade of the first century. In 1117 it was almost completely destroyed because of an earthquake and ended up being used as a quarry for other buildings in the city. Only during the Renaissance period it began to be restored and, because of its excellent acoustics, it worked (and it works!) as a stage for great music, theater and other shows.

In summer Arena Verona has a special program. The buildings in this area of ​​the city are BEAUTIFUL and historic! Take a walk observing the incredible details of the architecture present there: it is impressive! A spectacle of architecture and conservation. It is in this area that is also the Church of San Fermo Maggiore (“St Firmus Major”), Porta Cittadella, the Statue of Vittorio Emanuele II among other beautiful attractions.

Staying in the historic center may not be the most affordable option, hotels there are quite expensive, but the ease of getting around and having everything close by (bars, restaurants, sights) must be taken into account. With a beautiful walk here, you can see the main city without having to worry about distances and travel times.

The options of Hotels and B&B that I advise with great value for money are:

2) Where to sleep in Verona? IN PORTA NUOVA

Another excellent area to stay is Porta Nuova, close to the train station of the same name. This region is a little further away, but leaves nothing, absolutely nothing, to be desired! To reach the center you can walk for approximately 15 minutes and quickly reach the historic center.

The accommodation prices here are, of course, cheaper than a hotel right in the historic center, and it is also a great location if you want, for example, to make round trips to other cities, because you are on the side of the train station. It’s worth considering! In addition, there are several restaurants and shops in the region, as well as markets and bars. There is no lack of infrastructure!

The options of Hotels that I advise with great value for money are:

3) Where to sleep in Verona? IN PORTA VESCOVO

If you prefer to stay on the other side of the Adige, a good option is Porta Vescovo. A 20-minute walk from the center, it has even more affordable prices, as it is not on the side of the main attractions, but still, it is not far! There is also a train station nearby and it is another great region for those who want to use the train frequently! In the region there are restaurants, bars, shops and it is very safe, there is nothing to worry about.

The options of Hotel and B&B that I advise with great value for money are:

4) Where to sleep in Verona? IN PORTA PALIO

It is also possible to stay in the Porta Palio region. A little further away from the historic center (about a 20-minute walk), it also offers great accommodation options. Verona is very democratic when it comes to accommodation and, as already mentioned, it is very well structured in terms of tourism.

5) Where to sleep in Verona? IN FORTE SOFIA

The region of Forte Sofia, north of the center, on the other side of the Adige, there are some more affordable options, but it is half an hour walking from the center with some climbs, nothing absurd. It is ideal for those who want to save even more. In the region there are also bars, shops and restaurants.

How were the hotels chosen?

The hotels were chosen taking into account three main concepts: evaluation, location and daily rate. I want to make it clear that NONE of these hotels sponsored this post. The daily rates may vary from the values shodue to demand, time of year and room availability. Please always check directly when booking with Booking.com.

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Where to sleep in Verona? Verona is the kind of passionate city! Romantic, historical and cultural, it manages to tell its incredible story through its buildings, museums, monuments and historic sights! It is the ideal city for those who want to mix a cultural trip with excellent tour options and incredible views! Be sure to watch the sunset somewhere in the city! The city is dyed golden, the sun reflects on the Adige and presents us with breathtaking views! Verona will make you fall in love with her and leave with a great desire to return as soon as possible to your arms!

If you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier.

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