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Why visit San Gimignano?

With 7,000 inhabitants, San Gimignano is beautiful! With its houses made of stones, the city presents itself to visitors in a splendid way! It is impossible not to like! The historic center has a special charm and is wonderful! Today we will list the best of San Gimignano for you to have no doubts!

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Why visit San Gimignano?

You have no excuse not to go to San Gimignano, because it is one of the most characteristic and charming medieval villages in Tuscany. San Gimignano, a UNESCO heritage site, is a small town that has remained almost intact since the end of the 14th century until today, as clearly shown in the paintings of the time (for example, the painting by Taddeo Bartolo, in the Civic Museum of the city). Why visit San Gimignano? Find out now !!! We will give you all the reasons in the world for you to visit this incredible place! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


It is necessary to know this village due to the uniqueness of the architecture, the charm of the village climate, the extraordinary landscapes of the surrounding fields and the wine produced here (and their respective tastings). For all these reasons, San Gimignano is one of the most visited places in Tuscany, and not only by foreign tourists or from other regions, but also by the Tuscan people themselves, who take the time off to spend a pleasant day, strolling outdoors. Find out here How to get to San Gimignano from Florence?    and Where to stay in San Gimigniano?

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What to see in San Gimignano in one day? We will list the San Gimignano attractions here for you to get to know in just one day! How about an Excursion through San Gimignano, Siena and Chinati? In just one day you can discover these 3 incredible and unmissable places in Tuscany!

Tower Houses

We can start with the tower houses, which are one of the typical features of this village. Of the seventy that existed in medieval times, today there are only thirteen left, and thanks to them, San Gimignano has preserved all the fascinating architecture of an inspiring period. In the past, tower houses were not only an element of prestige (detail: the competition was for those who had the highest tower house), but they also had practical reasons, such as defense. Certainly, it is these towers that distinguish this beautiful city from the others.

A little more about Tower-Houses

Tower houses, linked together by bridges, were an extremely safe system to move from one tower house to another without having to pass through the street (which was usually frequented by suspicious people or with whom they could have debts, family and political fights). Another reason for the diffusion of tower houses would have been in relation to the world of the textile industry, in this region saffron-based dyes were used. To fix the color well, it was necessary to keep the fabric away from dust and the sun, and, not having adequate space to extend the fabrics, people always built taller houses.

San Gimignano Cathedral and the Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall)

We will continue our tour to admire the main attractions; among them, you cannot miss the visit to the Cathedral of San Gimignano and the Palazzo Comunale, which is right next door, where is the Medieval Art Gallery. Its romantic façade from the 12th century is all original and inside there are several masterpieces, including a wooden cross from 1200.

Collegiate Church of the Assumption of Mary

The beautiful Collegiate Church of the Assuption of Mary, built in the 12th century, is characterized by a staircase and a rustic facade, and inside, three naves. It contains a series of masterpieces, such as: the Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, by Benozzo Gozzoli, the wooden statues by Jacopo della Quercia and the frescoes by Lippo and Federico Memmi. Without a doubt, it is worth climbing to the top of Torre Grossa (Grossa Tower), the tallest tower in the city, from where it is possible to observe the best view of all of San Gimignano. Still in this region, we will visit the Palazzo Comunale, the Art Gallery and the Torre Grossa.

Palazzo Comunale

Built and expanded between 1288 and 1323, the Palazzo Comunale is another masterpiece of late-medieval architecture, where Dante’s Room is located, decorated with a series of important frescoes with the theme of the court and its cavalry. At the Art Gallery, there are works from the period between the 13th and 17th centuries.

The Torre Grossa and the Civic Museum

The Torre Grossa, which is exactly 54 meters high, can be visited by the Civic Museum. A symbol of the city and the secular state, the tower reigns throughout the village and in the surrounding fields. Through an external staircase of the palace, it is possible to access the Civic Museum (where even Dante stayed for a period). There they stand out: the Majesty, by Lippo Memmi, the Cross, by Coppo di Marcovaldo, the tondo with the Annunciation, by Filippino Lippi, besides one of the last works of Pinturicchio.

The Chapel of Saint Fina

Another masterpiece of Giuliano and Benedetto Da Maiano’s Renaissance architecture is the Chapel of Saint Fina. Legend has it that Saint Serafina, after his mother’s death, would have decided to spend the rest of his life praying in front of an oratory. This story is illustrated in a fresco by Ghirlandaio present in the chapel, in which the artist narrates the life of the saint.

The Church of Saint Augustine

Finally, without a doubt, it is worth seeing the Church of Saint Augustine, on the outskirts of Porta San Matteo. It has a Romanesque-Gothic style and houses a work of art by Piero Pollaiolo (The Coronation of the Virgin, on the main altar) – another wonder is the set of frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli on The Life of Saint Augustine, which decorates the walls of the choir. Also read Castles to stay in Italy?


At this point we will stop at one of the restaurants specializing in Tuscan cuisine to delight the palate. If we still have a little more time, we can go up to Rocca di Montestaffoli to see the ruins and another beautiful view of the city. To end the visitation, my advice is to try the local white wine, Vernaccia de San Gimignano. Not to mention that in San Gimignano are some of the best gelaterias in Italy. So enjoy the city from a gastronomic point of view! Let’s get to know Tuscan enogastronomy?

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Why visit San Gimignano? Because a small town whose extension is a few square kilometers, and whose inhabitants are no more than 7,000, is worthy of competing even with a prestigious monument like the Tower of Pisa. The merit is, for example, the galleries, which exhibit contemporary and modern art, the museums, which are always open, the theater, which offers musical performances in the summer. In addition to the winter season with various cultural organizations, the library, which houses more than 100,000 works, choirs, dance schools, bands and music schools.

In other words, culture has a predominant role. Therefore, it is no coincidence that San Gimignano has been chosen by the University of Seine as the headquarters for the master’s courses, and it receives a large number of contemporary art exhibitions every year. Here’s why you should visit San Gimignano.

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